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roasting + Bountiful Basket | Meal Prep

This weekend was a blur…I am not totally sure what happened. All lies, you can check it out here ūüôā It was a busy weekend for sure! Play dates, dinners, Bountiful Basket pick up, potty breaks, consignment sale,…the weekend goes on and on…and then it is Monday!


This Weekend’s Bountiful Basket

  • 1 watermelon¬†– the first signs of summer!!
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • 4¬†heads of broccoli¬†– roasting…
  • 1 butter lettuce¬†– need to use this week, now I have 2!!
  • 3 swiss chard leaves¬†– anything “leafy” that I have not tried before gets made into chips…similar to the Beet Greens Chips last week
  • 2 green cauliflower¬†– interesting…
  • 3 large tomatoes
  • 6 avocados
  • 3 zucchini¬†– time to spiralize!!
  • 4 cucumbers
  • a bag of cherry tomatoes

I also contributed to a bag of Tropical Granola – but I forgot to take a picture of it…and now it is nearly half gone! That stuff is SO good!

Meals to prep¬†with this¬†week’s basket
  • fresh watermelon
  • roasted broccoli, cauliflower
  • spiralized zucchini
  • fresh vegetables for meals and snacks
  • salads for meals¬†(since I still have the head of butter lettuce from last week as well)
  • cauliflower rice

Meal Prep

Smoothie Prep | roasted beet + strawberries


Spiralized Zucchini | zucchini + EVOO + pepper

Sweet Potato | sweet potato 3 ways Рspiralized, sticks, cubes

Roasted Broccoli¬†|¬†broccoli + EVOO + salt n’spice

Roasted Cauliflower |¬†cauliflower + EVOO + salt n’spice

Cabbage “Stir Fry” |¬†cabbage + EVOO + eggs + mixed frozen vegetables

Swiss Chard Chips | swiss chard + EVOO + salt

Meal Plans for This Week



egg whites + vegetables + fruit or bread

loaded oatmeal


egg whites + cucumber + orange

cabbage “stir fry” + protein¬†+¬†carb

turkey sandwich + cheese + salad greens + dressing



roasted potatoes + roasted broccoli + roasted cauliflower (roasted dinner)

cauliflower “fried rice” + whole wheat tortilla + chicken



egg whites + cucumber + fruit

plain Greek yogurt + apple + celery

cottage cheese + beet green chips + cucumber + fruit

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What are you eating this week? Did you meal prep? Get some new ideas and check out¬†other’s meal plans for the week (or past week) with Laura’s Menu Plan Monday, Laura’s Meal Prep link up, and¬†Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday!

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