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KC trip + 1st marathon | Weekend Wrap

…better late than never 🙂 It was a busy weekend with a busy week to follow! Friday Well, this Friday started like few before…no work!!  I PLANNED on running first thing…but it just didn’t happen. I did go to the store, buy more eggs (thanks to hubs dinner last night and using them all), get… Continue reading KC trip + 1st marathon | Weekend Wrap

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jerky + “ballball” | Weekend Wrap

Well, this week has been busy…and my weekend wrap just kept getting pushed aside (I need to be better about posting it EARLY)! Oh well…at least it is done 🙂 Saturday I was up at the crack of dawn hours before the crack of dawn and I decided to start the jerky marinade process –… Continue reading jerky + “ballball” | Weekend Wrap