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Friday didn’t start out as a packed day…but I tried to make the most of it. I was able to get out in time for a “long run”. I planned on donating blood at work in the morning, so I would have rather got out early enough to get 8-10 miles, but I was content with 6.

I guess I got lucky – I could have used a dead Garmin as an excuse to push my workout to later in the day…but I decided to just take and hold my MyCharge charger the whole way.

When I got home, I knew I needed to eat! Since I had the time, I whipped up a protein and veggie heavy breakfast!

img_9400Once at work, we began the last day of the recycling competition. It worked well in my favor since I needed to be hydrated before giving blood. My iron was too low last time, so I was sure to eat my greens and chicken the day/night before to increase the chances my iron would be above the minimum – and it was! #saved3lives

Back to work!

Due to an early email, we were told to leave work around 3:30 and enjoy the day, bonus! I used that time to run to the bank, get a beverage from Sonic, run home and do the dishes (sans little person “helping”), packed up a couple snacks, and went to pick up little man from daycare. Nothing exciting…

I decided that we were going to go ply at the park for a while 🙂 That is one thing that little man LOVES! We were the only ones there for a few minutes, then one little (growing) family stopped by, and then another, and then a big group of siblings + grandma. We were the first to come and last to go 🙂 I even let him go down the biggest slide – which he then went down 10+ times and forgot there were 4 other slides to use…

We played our hearts out – and I even brought the potty seat in case it was needed, which it was – twice!

img_9440While we were having a lot of fun, little man was starting to act tired and wasn’t wanting to listen to me anymore. Since he didn’t want to stop playing to eat something, I decided that it was time to go home. I had to bribe little man to come home with the hopes of a bubble bath when we got home…which worked!

Boy, do I know how to please this little guy or what?! We finished the evening with a little movie watching before bed.


I decided to forgo my morning run for a couple extra zzzzs. Due to donating blood yesterday, I didn’t want to over do it and then be exhausted the entire weekend. I laid in bed and played on my phone until little man decided he wanted to get up…

Once everyone was up and around, breakfast was first on the agenda. Little man wanted muffins and I added the banana…

While he was watching his movie (Cars……again), I made up a smoothie bowl 🙂 I had some chopped beet and strawberry in the freezer and added unsweetened almond milk until it could be fully blended (about 1 cup) – then I added a little vanilla protein powder and it was done! I added hemp hearts, chia seeds, frozen blueberries, and bananas for toppings – and yum! I still had to share it with little man, but it was great!

Once we all were fed, it was about time to get dressed and go pick up our Bountiful Basket for the week.

After getting out goodies, we stopped by the K-State Superstore to see what kind of deal we could get on a new purple shirt for little man. Since he is always growing, it is hard to get him clothes that he’ll be able to wear for more than a week…thank goodness for sales! **We spent more time in the bathroom than walking around trying to find a shirt…after our 3rd or 4th time going into the restroom, he decided to try and take his pants down in the middle of the store! Kid…really?! Nothing ever happened (except for the first time we went), but he was working on something…**

Once we got home, we changed shirts and put the new fruits and vegetables away. put groceries away. As soon as I was done, we were ready to hit the road again!

Today is the Purple vs White KSU Football Spring Game! While we don’t get to many KSU football games, the spring game is a fun outing. It helped that out marketing team at work was having a tailgate photo shoot and wanted some extras to be around…great, count us in 🙂 There was food, puppies, and Willie Wildcat even stopped by!

The tailgate ended for us when little man needed to go to the bathroom and I didn’t want to walk all the way back to the car (again) for this potty seat…so we went into the game! We sat on the ground for a little bit, wandered around a little while, and eventually found some seats that we didn’t have to squeeze by too many people to get to… **New developments – I believe that little man now uses “potty!!” as a scapegoat for when he is bored. He knows that if he says he needs to potty, we get up and get to the bathroom ASAP… Well, then mom catches on an tells him to hold it for a little bit or finds something new to entertain him for a bit…**

With little man getting strung out (no nap due to the tailgate and game), hungry, tired, and just plain cranky, we decided to head home for a little nap. We sat on the potty before leaving the parking lot…and headed home. Yep, he was not happy about leaving…but he was asleep before we got out of he parking lot…


While I should also been indulging in a nap, I caught up on some social media and ate some lunch 🙂

The baseball game started at 4pm…but little man was still asleep. I am glad he was getting a good, actual nap and not one of those 30 minute power naps… Off to Tointon Family Stadium!

Once we got in, I could tell that this was not going to be a relaxing adventure.  While I would like to sit in the stands and watch some of the game (that we are already an hour late for), little man wanted to chase Willie Wildcat around the stadium and not sit still. What does he say next? “Potty! Potty…” So, we went in search of the bathroom. Came back to our seats,…”Potty!!” Goodness… We went back to the bathroom, where he laughed at me and we were done. We walked around a little and decided to run up and down the hill next to the field. When I wanted to go back, I decided that we needed to try an Icee…and it really calmed him down…for 5 minutes. Maybe he was just hot…and tired…and cranky…

The major cause of little man’s craziness was seeing Willie walking around…so we said hi! The funny part is that he wants to be ALL OVER Willie…but when Willie tried to put little man on his leg,…..nope nope nope, that was not going to happen! Oh well…at least we know 🙂

…and a little selfie fun as we left the stadium!

Little man was acting quite tired on the way home…but not as much as the first trip home… He gets his good looks from his dad… 🙂

Once we got home, little man wanted to go back outside, we played for a little longer. (I sure hope he sleeps well tonight!!)

We played around until dinner was ready – chicken nuggets and mango bites 🙂  Little man wanted to cuddle after a little while…what a cutie 🙂



I was not heart broken that I didn’t get out and run before the day started. Depending on how the weather shakes out, I knew I could go out later in the day.

Once our alarm went off, AKA little man, it was time to get the day started!

The hubs and I decided to take a drive to JC (Junction City) for breakfast at Stacy’s Diner.

We will sometimes go out for breakfast on Sunday’s and going out of town was a change of pace 🙂

Little man had peaches, a scrambled egg, bacon, and toast.I had the Western Omelette with egg beaters (ham, peppers, onions, cheese), hash browns, and toast. The hubs had a half order plate – biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage 🙂 Yum!

After breakfast, little man lost his mind with the motorcycles leaving the diner 🙂

Once we got home, the hubs started mowing the yard. Little man was all about helping mow the yard and play with the dog’s toys.

We have a small nest of bunnies in our yard, be the mower got a little too close and too loud. I had to play bunny catcher twice and return the little ones to their home. After the second time, I used our small kid pool to cover the nest area so the rest of the mowing could be done without freaking them out again. Little man even got to meet one of the bunnies…yeah, not a good idea since he now wants to see the bunnies every time he goes into the yard. Oh well. **Update, due to the flash flooding that happened Sunday night, the bunnies found somewhere else to live…I don’t blame them, the middle of our yard isn’t the most convenient for anyone…**

After nap time was snack time…and little man couldn’t wait for me to finish cutting up the mango 🙂

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and meal prepping some for the week. Little man had a movie going and plenty of cars to play with 🙂  And at some point, he found a bottle of lotion… If you anything about this kid, it is his love for lotion! A little too much love most of the time…

Sometime after dinner, we decided to start getting ready for bed…but mother nature had other plans. Earlier in the day, the hubs had mentioned that we were in a tornado watch most of the evening…which made sense since it was a BEAUTIFUL day… Summertime in KS. All of the sudden, the tornado sirens are going off! I guess it had been a little bit since I looked outside, because sure enough, there was a lot of dark clouds and a big storm rolling in. So we packed up (put our shoes on) and headed to the hub’s cousin’s house about a 1/2 mile away… They have a basement, we do not… So we spend the evening hanging out there… Little man made a turtle friend…

Once we got the “all clear” that we were just going to get more rain and wind, and no tornado, we headed home…and to BED!

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  1. I worked for a company years ago that hosted regular blood drives. Back then, they would give out the cutest T-shirts based on the current pop culture. For example “Got Blood” was one based on “Got Milk”. Willie Wildcat would have traumatized our youngest son. He was scared of any one in costume. As you can imagine, Disney was always a challenge. How cool to have bunnies nesting in your yard. Thanks for linking with us Lindsey!


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