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While I was able to get a few things prepped over the weekend, I was in a scramble this morning! I hope that I can make some better plans tonight for the rest of the week. Depending on the weather, morning workouts may or may not happen…but since my half this weekend is going to be in the rain, I guess I should be training in the rain 😦


[morning workout] 4.05 milesIMG_9678

Boy am I glad for new running friends! I hit my snooze a couple times…but a random message from a new running pal woke me up and her semi-lack of motivation to get running made me want to get up and force us both to go! Around mile 2.5, I got a picture message of her finishing her run! Bonus, we both got in a morning workout! Here’s to more accountability!!

[drinks] 16oz water bottle X 3

[breakfast] smoothie bowl (frozen beet + frozen strawberries + unsweetened almond milk) + toppings (Bountiful Basket tropical granola + frozen blueberries + banana + hemp hearts + chia seeds)

Smoothie bowls are so much fun to make – and look so pretty, until you start to eat them. Oh boy…I have found a new love for cold breakfast 🙂

[morning snack #1] spiralized zucchini + cottage cheese + 1/2 mango

Vegetables…check! Protein…check! Carb…check! Solid snacking at its best 🙂 I was not completely hungry due to my big smoothie bowl for breakfast, but I made myself eat – I wasn’t “stuffed feeling” after, but more like……content. 


[morning snack #2] whole grain scoops + cheese dipIMG_9686

Yep, one of my amazing co-workers made up some cheese dip and I couldn’t resist! No, I didn’t eat this snack because I was hungry… I ate it because I couldn’t resist the urge to stay away from it! At least I didn’t overindulge…yet…

[lunch run] 2..05 “easy paced” miles

Wow…that was not an easy run…even though the pace was “easy” in the realm of my pacing… The heat. The sun. The lack of ANY wind. The humidity. I am not used to this weather…and I need to start thinking about it more! Summertime is here…and she is here to stay!

[lunch] 7 Super Foods Salad (with cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and a little dressing) + 1/2 mango

Tweet: A day in the life – what did you eat today? Check out the WIAW linkup with @peansandcrayons http://ctt.ec/Am9Lc+ #sweatpink #fitfluential

[afternoon snack] Muscle Milk Light – a quick, chocolaty, pick-me-up before the end of the workday! Low-fat, yes! Dairy free, double yes!


[dinner] leftover pasta + roasted broccoli + turkey & mozz on sandwich thins + cucumber + orange

Yep, the new dinner norm for little man and I…a plate with several items for him to choose from. He ate quite a bit!


[evening snack] bountiful basket tropical granola


Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman, Meghan, and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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