Ultimate Coffee Date

Ultimate Coffee Date | June 2016

Good morning everyone! It is a new morning of a new month – the first Saturday morning of June to be exact! Join Coco, Deborah, and Lynda for the Ultimate Coffee Date link up!

Let’s chat!


Pick your poison! IMG_0891

What are you drinking today? I am writing in the time machine…but I am positive that started my day with a
good old fashioned cup of hot joe…black. Nothing special. I am in pre-race mode this morning.

Check back with me in a little while…I will probably be stopping for a Skinny Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks on my way home…venti size!! Oh baby…long day ahead!


I am running… I am running the hilly race called the Hospital Hill Half Marathon. This race is no joke all hills…but what goes up, must come down! I have wanted to train and run this hilly half the past couple years, but I only completed the 5K/10K Re-Run. This year, I will be pacing the 2:50 group – and we are going to need all of that 2:50 time. This is going to be potentially wet, hot and humid race – typical Hospital Hill weather!


If we were having coffee…

I would tell you that I finally settled on a “training plan” for this fall! While I am not “training” for a race, I would like to have a semi-set schedule of running and cross training to follow this summer. Having a plan is the best way for me to stay on track with my fitness and also with my goal of 2,016 miles in 2016! I am a little behind at this point, but a couple of higher mileage months will bring me back within reach!

If we were sipping on some joe…

I would mention that I am doing 2 running streak “events” at the same time! I am #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS and the #RWRunStreak. Both streaks run through this month, but the Runner’s World streak started Memorial Day and runs (pun pun pun) through July 4th! I hope that both of these events will help me get my mile-a-day in…at the least!

IMG_1097I am also trying to keep my Garmin steps “in the orange”…which means I need to get 10K steps a day everyday this month!! While this shouldn’t be too difficult, I just need to stay focused and get it done. My new mantra, as seen on my new Momentum Sparklet, is “make it happen“…a true push for me to get moving this month!! I hope that the “cooler” mornings will make my body want to get out of bed on time…I really do not enjoy sweating buckets in the mid-day heat!

If we were chatting over drinks…

I cannot stand paying for $100+ for cable when it is only used a couple hours a day. If I were home all day, and the TV was always on,…then I might be able to justify the cost. We cancelled our TV service a while ago and we have worked just fine without it. The only issue is that the hubs cannot live without his baseball…and our pocketbook cannot live with him going to the local bar or restaurant to watch the games.

The hubs signed up for a sketchy internet based cable for a month and it was nice for him to be able to watch his beloved baseball. But then, his team went on a losing streak… Once our 1st month was over, his team started doing better and went on a winning streak! So, the hubs wasn’t about to get the same service due to his overwhelming baseball superstitions…

Have you ever heard of Sling TV? The hubs signed up for it yesterday. A more legit internet based cable program…and he now can watch his baseball again. But guess what…his team lost last night… His superstitions are probably starting to ramp up again, I am sure of it… I hope he just gets over it 🙂


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Well…that’s all she wrote – this week : )

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Any suggestions for potty training? Are you training for a upcoming running event? Have you ever used pacers in a race?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

6 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date | June 2016

  1. Good luck on your race! Yikes, hills and heat? Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    I keep trying to convince my hubs that we need to dump cable but he’s just not there yet. It’s ridiculous–all those channels and nothing on. Soon…


  2. That’s so fun that you are pacing the race today! Sounds like a challenging one for sure but wow you will feel amazing afterwards. Cable is ridiculously expensive! My son and hubs would kill me if I took away their ESPN. LOl Thanks for joining us for coffee today always great to catch up!


  3. Good luck for your race and run streaks! I think my husband would divorce me if I took away some of his sports channels (devoted Motorsport fan that he is). Thankfully, he is happy to put in the extra to top up our coverage.


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