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lazy day + Thomas | Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was a blur… We didn’t have any “set in stone” plans going into the weekend and I was ready to have a weekend at home. Let’s see how it went!



As most Fridays do, I didn’t get a great start to the day – I managed to get a mile in before work, which is what really counts, right?!

My work week was everything but typical,…so why would Friday be any different. We are busy, busy at the moment – and we are coming up on our “busy season”!! A long day to say the least…

Once I got off work and picked up little man, we just hung out at the house. I really enjoy taking little man to the park or something on Friday’s, but it is just too hot these days to be outside for long at that time of the day. The “fun” part of the evening was when he was riding my foam roller like a stick-pony through the house!! What a joke!! Then he just started rolling around on it through the house…a funny little guy we have here 🙂

IMG_1503The evening ended with me taking off my 2-month old nail polish… In my Influencer Bloom VoxBox, I received Cutex nail polish remover wipes and since I don’t wear nail polish often, I didn’t have a way to use them. Now that my old pedi is showing its wear, I decided to give them a whirl! While the smell is just as strong as the liquid stuff, one wipe really did the trick! I was a little surprised since it usually takes me several doses of the liquid stuff to get all the polish off. Cutex for the win! #SoCutex


While I would always try to get in my long, Saturday morning run in before the sun comes up, I didn’t seem to want to roll out of bed today. By the time I got up, I didn’t have a lot of time to spare before little man would have wanted to get his day started 🙂 I decided that rather than driving to the store to run a quick errand, I would RUN to run my errand. We have a bit of an ant problem in our kitchen and I wanted to put some “traps” out… (I found the source – a small gap in the sliding door, but have yet to completely remedy the situation.) So I laced up, ran 3 miles to the store, did my quick shopping, and ran 3 miles home! I don’t always constitute 6 miles as a “long run”, but with the heat and humidity starting, any run feels like a long run these days!

IMG_1511I got home just in time for little man to start his morning…he was standing in his doorway calling for “momma”…I timed that one pretty well! Breakfast was quickly served for the little one and I was quick to make my morning smoothie 🙂 I made up some “granola bar” type of balls and cantaloupe for little man – and made myself a smoothie!

Once breakfast was over, which doesn’t take long…little man and I headed outside to get some yard work done before it got too hot! The hubs and I have been distracted this spring and have not yet planted our vegetable garden! The weeds really took over and I made it my mission to take it back this weekend – with the help of a little helper .


Once the weather didn’t want to be “cool”, we headed inside for a good portion of the day. My legs were achy from my morning jaunt, so I “Pro-ed” up 🙂 I didn’t care to look very hard for matching socks, so I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 purple ones on the top,…same color group for the win! While I was working out a few kinks, little man thought I was just playing around on the floor and wanted to play…on well!

Before long, we had some snacks, put in a movie (per little one request), vegged out for a while, and ate lunch. Not long after eating, it was nap time… I should have also taken a nap, but I pushed through with the help of a little caffeine and a strong willpower! I wanted to mow the yard (sans little helper) but I still could not get the trimmer to run. Several mows this year and no trimming means that the edges of the fence, garden boxes, and along the house was getting out of control. I vowed the lawn would get mowed and trimmed this weekend…just not today.

Since little man was late getting a nap, he woke up about an hour before the hubs would be getting off work. I text him to pick up some bacon for BLTs for dinner…and then he called me. Or at least I thought it was him…but it was really his mom calling me on his phone. WHAT?! The in-laws were in town looking at getting his dad a new vehicle…we had no idea! They decided to take us out for dinner once they finished up their paperwork and we met them at Old Chicago – our favorite place to eat 🙂 As always, little mans was SUPER excited to see Nana and Papa, but he was also tired…so he was acting like a zombie…

The evening ended with a book and a backrub…for the little man 🙂 I would have loved a backrub!

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I woke up without the intention of leaving home…but getting a nice, “actual long run” before the heat of the day – neither of which happened!

I didn’t get around, snoozed through SEVERAL alarms, ended up having a lazy, early morning chatting with the hubs. After talking about it, we decided that I would take little man out of town for the day to see Thomas the Train! While this is not the cheapest venture, it was something fun that he would enjoy. The hubs planned on completing his second boil on 2 new brews and could probably deal with us not being around for the action.

Since we were missing a couple key ingredients for the hubs breakfast idea, he ran off to the store while we hung out at home. While he was away, I decided to paint my toes since I took the 2 minutes to get them cleaned up the night before.

I used my new Sinful Colors polish – VIP color – also from my Influencer Bloom VoxBox. I love pink polish, and this one was made for me! Of course, little man also wanted “paint” on his hands and feet. A little Solar Oil never hurt anyone 🙂

Before too long, I was welcomed with hot coffee, fresh-cold cut fruit, and homemade hot breakfast sandwiches 🙂

Once we were done eating, we needed to get on the road to make it to our train time. I am glad that the hubs told me to get the 1pm train time rather than the noon time that I was thinking about…we hit the road and made it to Baldwin with 30 minutes to spare!

Once we arrived, I busted out the stroller…which quickly became a mini-battle as to who was pushing the stroller. I should have just put it back in my car because we didn’t hardly use it for it’s purpose – pushing around a small kid. Oh well!

We walked up to Will-Call, got our tickets, and headed into the fun 🙂 There were games, birds, put-put golf, a fire truck, a bounce house, snacks, WATER, and of course, trains!

The highlight of the trip was being able to ride Thomas the Train. The non-air conditioning was not fun while we were sitting still, but once we got moving, it wasn’t so bad. We talked about the things we saw outside of the window and little man would get so excited when the train whistle would blow! 🙂 A fun, HOT HOT day!

I would have loved to get a couple of the pictures that the photographers were taking around the event, but I was not ready to fork out the dough…so I settled on the images with the photographer’s text all over them 🙂 I might still get a picture or two, but not today.

IMG_1711We headed on home once it was obvious that little man was tired and cranked out… He lasted about 30 minutes in the car before settling in for a little nap. This is the only time that I wanted the drive home to take a little longer… He only slept for about an hour, when his naps are generally 2+ hours long. Oh well, cant win them all.

Once we were back in the area of home, I decided to go to the horticulture store to look at what vegetables they had left this year. I was able to get 2 habanero plants, a yellow tomato plant (should have gotten 2), and a questionable cucumber plant (questionable because it was sitting next to a melon plant, same leaves, 1 of each on the palette, the “cucumber” didn’t have a tag…). I decided at the register to not get the cucumber, but he gave it to me anyway! Bonus! Next stop, another place with plants…no dice, no vegetable plants whatsoever. Third stop, Eastside Market. Yes, they had all of the remaining plants we wanted to have in the garden and we were soon on our way home!

Once home, I noticed that the hubs was able to get the trimmer working (YAY!!) and trimmed the whole yard! I brought the new vegetables to the back yard and got the mower prepped! I mowed the yard, with the assistance of little man. Yeah, remember when the hubs mowed with the little guy holding his hand the entire time…yep, that has happened every time since as well, today was not any different! Here are a few snaps of the last time the hubs mowed with little man in tow…insert me in the picture and that is what I was dealing with…

Once the mowing was complete, we cooled off inside and the hubs made BLTs for dinner, so good!!

The rest of my night consisted of tilling up the garden beds, watering the dirt, tilling some more, and then planting all of the plants that I bought! Mission accomplished!

Once little man was down for the night and the hubs was settled, I went for a quick, hot, humid run…1 mile, that is all I wanted to get in to keep my streak alive!

Hitting 800 miles for the year was just another perk of the weekend!

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How was your weekend? Have any exciting adventures?

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