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Welcome to the wonderful world of a day in the life of Lindsey. I am your hostess with the mostest, Lindsey! Baha! Good times. It is good to have just a little sense of humor sometimes 🙂 This is another semi-typical installment of What I Ate…whenever I ate it…and posted on Wednesday! WIAW 🙂

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My morning “routine” was thrown off my missed alarm clocks and the hubs going into work early. This means that I am on mommy duty this morning…and little man was ready to sit on the potty while daddy was in the bathroom. Well…I talked him out of it until I heard him get into the shower, then we proceeded as usual. Due to my missed workout, I will hopefully be making that up later in the day.

[breakfast] Bob’s Red Mill + strawberries + pineapple

I didn’t realize until after I made the generic smoothie that the Bob’s I choose was just a basic mix, no flavor. Shoot! I then quickly threw all of the mixed smoothie in the blender with some strawberries and pineapple. BOOM! And out the door we went!

Since I was on mommy duty, I needed to take little man to daycare on my way to work. No biggie. I park, take little man to where the kids are, he takes off his shoes, goes to wash his hands, and I make small talk with the daycare lady. I told her about his morning, his bathroom time, and the bug bites or “owies” on the top of his head. She then tells me that little man is out of underwear… Say what?! Great. Now that I am running a little late (yet on time) to work…I then need to call into work late and run home to get more underwear. Well…that made my morning just a little more interesting! I quickly ran home, got the needed clothes, rushed back to the sitter (passing a cop driving faster than I should have been…no stop and no ticket, thank goodness), dropped off the clothes (little man was spending some time in the bathroom, so I didn’t have to deal with the major meltdown that would have happened if he saw me again before the end of the day), and headed to work!

Once at work, I melded right into my usual routine : put bags/purse away, grab large cups and coffee cup, head to the break room to fill 1 large cup with ice, 1 large cup with water, and coffee!!

Work time! Due to being SLAMMED at work, I didn’t get a morning snack…but I did get 4K steps in running around the building!

[lunch] hot spaghetti squash + hot tomato + cold cottage cheese + red pepper flakes

This is my go-to lunch for a little while – since I got 2 HUGE spaghetti squash in my Bountiful Basket last weekend, squash is on my lunch menu for a little bit 🙂 I am perfectly okay with that!

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The afternoon came and went FAST…busy, busy. I guess a busy day that goes by fast is better than a not busy day that drags on forever… Repeat drink routine from this morning : grab large cups, head to the break room to fill 1 large cup with ice, and 1 large cup with water.

[afternoon snack] Bountiful Basket Tropical Granola + Coconut Water

This granola is more like a loose broken cookie…there are big chunks of granola with dried fruit, nuts, and honey. This stuff is addicting to snack on, so I am sure that I portion my servings…or I would probably eat the entire bag!

[workout] 2 mile walk at the gym outside – for my “rest day”, I still need to get in my mile! I decided to saunter over to the gym rather than sweat it out in the mid-90s temps. MID 90s?! That sounds GREAT compared to the mid-100s we have had all week!

IMG_2237Once I got back from my mini-sweat-session, I made myself a refreshing drink – LaCroix Cran-Raspberry and Lemonade Nuun – awesome hydration with a little fizz! 🙂 Between the number of La Croix flavors and Nuun flavors, there are SO MANY combinations! My favorite is still LaCroix Lime and Cherry Limeade Nuun 🙂

After work, I went to pick up little man from daycare. He is ALWAYS super excited to see me…I should tape it sometime (maybe I will today…)! We then ran back into town to drop off the hubs Red Box movie that he has for a couple days…yeah, no idea why he didn’t take it back before now, oh well.

Little man and I headed home for the evening…and what an evening it was! I am not sure if he is not feeling well, he is super tired, or just the “terrible 2s”, but little man was quite the screamer and cryer tonight! It started when we got home and he wanted to play on the hubs boat. I didn’t want to stand around in the heat, so I told him that we would come back out later…”Let’s go eat some dinner, take a bath, and then we can see about playing on the boat.” He took the bait and came inside…but then he wanted to take his bath first. Generally, I wouldn’t have minded all that much, but I was hungry and started prepping dinner right when I got in the house. After some more bartering, he grabbed his puppy dog and came downstairs.

[dinner] homemade stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon (stuffing – spicy pork sausage + onion + peppers + tomatoes + cream cheese + cheddar cheese) + sour cream + carrots

Since we got 11+ Anaheim peppers in our Bountiful Basket last weekend, I decided to make stuffed peppers. I searched around on Pinterest and gained some inspiration. I knew I wanted to stuff them with more than just cheese…and I like my stuffed peppers hot 🙂 hence, the spicy sausage. I am really glad I made up this recipe, but I won’t probably be able to replicate it again…probably should have documented it better. Oh well. Maybe I will try again this summer 🙂


Little man said that the filling was too “hot” – AKA spicy for him, so we opted for a sandwich with avocado, oranges, and some sliced peppers. He ate most of it willingly, but then wanted to eat the hubs M&M stash… Oh boy… I told him that once he was done eating, he could have a few. So what does he do, brings me his half eaten plate and says “all done” and goes straight for the sweets. Nope. I told him that he needed to eat his dinner first and then we could have a snack. Cue Meltdown #3+…I really stopped counting, it was more of a constant evening of meltdowns. After he finished his sandwich and fruit and a little of his peppers, he temporarily forgot about his desert option and ran off to play with his cars. d

Before too long, we settled in for a movie – Toys 3 (I swear we have many other movie choices, this is just the one that he ALWAYS wants to watch). I am thinking about investing in Toys and Toys 2 so there is a little Toys variety in the house…


[evening snack] mango – a nice sweet movie treat


After the hubs got home, we ran upstairs to take a bath. After bathtime splashtime bathtime, little man and I sat down to trim his nails…this did require some bribing of the candy kind. At least he is not cutting me with them for a little while. Pretty soon, it was off to bed for the little man,…and off to bed for this tired momma.

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4 thoughts on “smoothie + peppers | WIAW

    1. Thanks! My little man just wants to keep moving…so snacking is our current routine. He eats a lot…and still wants to eat half of the hubs dinner after he gets home. I am pretty sure the hubs thinks I am starving him…nope!


  1. Ah mommy, you are doing a great job with your little man. Raising littles is definitely not easy, and I respect moms and dads infinitely for their love for their little ones. ❤ And, you know, I used to be SUPER picky, but now I can eat almost anything. So that is comfort for you! Don't give up on feeding him veggies and other foods + m'n'ms. 🙂


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