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Adidas UltraBoost X | Review

​Disclaimer: I received the Adidas UltraBoost X to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! 

I feel like I am always wanting a new pair of shoes…what gal doesn’t??

I have wide, neutral feet and finding good shoes is hard to come by! Most of my running has been in a more stability shoe because shoe companies assume (we know what assuming means…) that since my foot is wide, that I need a stability shoe… Not true. 

While I have been in a more stability shoe for years, I am branching out and trying new shoes and new shoe brands. When I got the opportunity to try the new Adidas UltraBoost X as a BibRave Pro, I JUMPED at the chance! 

I was given the opportunity to be one of the first Pros to try the new shoes by going straight to the source before the big shoe debut – at Dick Sporting Goods.

I met Ethan and he told me all about the shoes! I covered my experience on my Instagram stories a while back, and here is my first walk in my new shoes.

​​Adidas Running Shoe – Ultra Boost X

As I mentioned, Ethan gave me the rundown on the shoes as I was trying them out : 

a full Primeknit upper with a floating arch

This is one of the most interesting looking shoes I have ever seen. The full Primeknit upper resembles more of a sock than a shoe – and the floating arch is also something very different than I am used to.

From talking to Ethan, the research Adidas conducted found that a woman’s arch stretches more and varies more than a male runner’s arches do which running. The floating arch adapts to the foot better as a woman is running.

The breathable Primeknit material and the floating arch feels like this shoe is going to hug my foot in all the right places and give me a snug fit and cozy feel. It totally feels like a sock on my foot!

a full length boost™

Designed with unique technology, the energy-returning boost™, the puffy sole of the shoe, along the bottom of the shoe offers the highest cushioning (20% more boost cushioning material than before) and highest energy return.

The lightweight cushioning is a welcome feeling compared to the stiffness of some of my previous running shoes.

a Continental™ Rubber outsole

The rubber on the bottom of the shoe is the same rubber that is used on tires on cars, so it gives me great grip and traction on all surfaces. This is great news for this road to trail loving gal!

additional shoe info

  • Runner type: neutral
  • Weight: 8.3 ounces (size 7)
  • Midsole drop: 10 mm (heel: 29 mm / forefoot: 19 mm)

My UltraBoost X

From the first look to my first walk in these new shoes, they are very different than any shoe I have tried before! The Primeknit mesh upper completely molds to my foot and the floating arch felt a little odd, but is something that I got used to quickly. 

Little man and I walked to the ice cream shop once we left Dicks Sporting Goods – test number one. While it wasn’t a long walk, it was just enough for me to feel like these shoes were a game changer for my running.

The cushion in the shoe is something I am not used to since I have mostly worn a more stiff, stability shoe. The UltraBoost X is super lightweight and flexible! The flexible Primeknit upper wraps around my foot like no shoe has before. It feels like I am wearing a sock and the responsive outsole flexes and moves with my foot. 

I have now worn my UltraBoost X for well over 100 miles and through 3 half marathon races – Bill Snyder Highway Half, Lincoln National Guard Half, and the Hospital Hill Half this past weekend!

The energy-returning boost cushions my feet on the hard pavement and my legs have felt great after the long miles. 

…and I also find myself also loving the UltraBoost X on my favorite trails!

While these trails aren’t on the technical side, there is a lot of change in materials – from loose gravel to light dirt to roots and rocks. The Continental™ rubber outsole has provided a lot of grip and traction through the twists and turns of the trail.

While I am quick to RAVE about how much I love these shoes, there are a couple drawbacks. 

shoe laces

While the laces for these shoes are unique, they are a little too sheer. I found that the would come untied quite a bit while out on a run. A quick fix is to tuck the laces in the front of the laces… Also, if you were to use a different type of “quick laces” like Hickies or Lock Laces, this wouldn’t be an issue at all.


I love that I am able to test these shoes through my ambassadorship with BibRave as a BibRave Pro – and I don’t know that I would have given these shoes a second glance in the store based on the $179.99 price tag. This is quite a bit more than I spend on my running shoes – especially since I need to replace my shoes every 3-5 months (depending on my training miles). 

From my conversation with Ethan at Dicks Sporting Goods, the outsole should last longer than a standard running shoe…which would account for some of the bump in price.

Either way, I don’t think that I will be getting another pair on my own (even though I was eyeing the bright orange/red ones)…but they will surely be on my wishlists for my birthday, gifting holidays, and any day someone would like to buy me new shoes : )

Check out the UltraBoost X at Dicks Sporting Goods and also on their social media outlets – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Let me know what you think about these shoes!!

Would you like to try these shoes for yourself?

What is the most appealing feature of these shoes?

What matters more when buying shoes – comfort or price?

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So after around 150-200 miles in 6 weeks, the plastic shoe lace thing started wearing a hole into the primeknit upper.

Not sure why this is happening…but I am reaching out to Adidas to see if this is a recurring issue or “normal wear and tear”. 

I would say that a $179.99 pair of shoes should last more than 6 weeks, but that is just my opinion. I really, really like these shoes…it’s too bad they didn’t last very long!

6 thoughts on “Adidas UltraBoost X | Review

  1. Great review! I am definitely an Adidas fan…I really loved the Supernova Glide’s. I’m a neutral runner so I’m curious to know how I’d like these shoes. They are definitely pricey, but that just seems to come with the territory!


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