High Five Friday

Friday Favorites #5

Well…somehow, someway, it is already FRIDAY! Time flies when you are having fun…or working hard… Friday means that it is time for Friday Favorites!


Let’s go!

busy mornings

On Wednesday, I went for a nice, steady morning run, donated blood, and recovered in my new SKINS DNAmic compression pants – win, win, win for me! Did you check out my review and giveaway for an item in the SKINS DNAmic line? Check it out!



I used to have a little car…and when we have HUGE tractors driving the streets, I ALWAYS thought to just drive right under them. No, I never did. The other day, there was one of these tractors following me home from work…and it seemed like little cars were always following it. I wonder if they thought about driving right on through?? Ha!

Tuesday Brew Day

I came home on Tuesday to the hubs brewing on the front patio. Not out of the ordinary. Hence, Tuesday Brew Day was born!

new gear

I had a couple of fun mail days last week! I received a pair of Tiux compression socks and a giveaway prize from Acumobility! I am really loving the compression socks. There is a little cushion on the bottom of the sock that I am not used to, but feels great! My new roller is an interesting change to my regular roller and I am having fun testing it out 🙂


The evenings are when little man and I water the garden (as long as he isn’t having major melt downs and is already in bed…). Most of the plants are doing alright and taking well to the heat this summer. I planed another cucumber and zucchini the other day…not like we REALLY needed them… 

Tweet: It’s Friday! Check out the Friday Favorites with @livinglovingrun and other great #linkups http://ctt.ec/MF12e+ #sweatpink #runchat

Well, that is all for this week!! I think I am going to like this Friday Favorites post! Check back in the following weeks to be sure I am not getting too busy to continue…

Happy Friday!!

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12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #5

  1. That is an interesting roller! I only have the “normal” roller one thinks of when they think of a foam roller and then I have this medium sized ball called the Supernova that has teeth in it! It hurts!

    Happy Friday!


  2. My boyfriend and I just brewed our own beer for the first time, but our set up is nothing like what you all have! Looks like we’ll have to step up our game haha. Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend!


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