Ultimate Coffee Date

Ultimate Coffee Date | July 2016

Good morning everyone! It is a new morning of a new month – the first Saturday morning of July to be exact! Join Coco, Deborah, and Lynda for the Ultimate Coffee Date link up!

Let’s chat!


Pick your poison! 

What are you drinking today? I am writing in the time machine…but I am positive that my day will start with a good old fashioned cup of hot joe…black. Nothing special.

Little man and I will be off to pick up our Bountiful Basket this morning – and that might require a stop by my dear friend Starbuck’s place for a fancy brew (for me) and chocolate milk (for little man).


I am either running in the rain (if there isn’t thunder and lightening), working out in my living room, or restlessly sleeping in… We are expecting to have some pretty major rain totals this weekend and that means that my “long run” might get pushed around a bit. If I am stuck inside, I might be working out in my living room. I need to keep up with some non-running workouts – and bad weather mornings are the best for those! Worst case scenario, my internal clock is not letting me sleep…but I am just laying in bed…

If we were having coffee…

I would ask you if you saw my giveaway post about SKINS DNAmic Compression from last week? If not, you really should! I am in love with these amazing pants. With the weather being mild this week, I have been able to wear them a little more often than I thought.

If we were chatting over drinks…

I would mention how much I enjoy running in the morning and watching the sun rise 🙂 There is nothing I love more than getting a good sweat session in the morning – and a beautiful sunrise is just the cherry on top!


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If we were sipping on some joe…

I would mention that I just completed 1 of the 2 running streak “events” from the past month! I just finished #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS! I was really glad to have signed up for this challenge and even happier to say that I completed it successfully! The #RWRunStreak still has a few days – so wish me luck!

If we were chatting over drinks…

I would tell you about a new running belt I am going to be testing in the coming weeks! Do you remember the SLS Running Belt I tested and reviewed a while ago? Well, SLS3 is teaming up with LevelUp Virtual Runs and they just came out with an LED Running belt! Same great belt, but with LED lights that have 3 different cycles! I am excited to be able to test and review this belt in the coming weeks. Can’t wait that long? This weekend only, you can get this belt on Amazon for 55% off – use the code “FNYEHY9V” in your cart! This offer is only available until July 5th, so act fast!


If we were having coffee… What are your plans for this holiday weekend?

We are headed to KC to spend some time with friends and family! Generally, when we travel to KC, we have an agenda. Usually, I am running in an event or the like…and we rarely go to just relax. Not this weekend…we are going to chill…for the most part!

Sunday morning, I would like to take little man to church and see my parents for a little bit. Sunday afternoon, we have a friends party to go to – people that we have not seen in ages! I am super excited to see everyone! Monday morning is probably the day for me to get out and run (since it is supposed to RAIN all weekend)…but then I will see if my dear friend wants to stop for coffee. Monday evening is a toss up at this point…we were thinking about coming back to town and seeing a local fireworks show…but the grandparents are talking us into staying an extra night and stay with them for the fireworks… We’ll see how it all plays out.

My Americana virtual run starts this weekend – hopefully I can enjoy it outside and I don’t have to head to the treadmill…

If we were chatting over drinks… I would ask you how your summer training is going?

As I mentioned before, this week has been nice! Starting temps in the upper 60s (granted the humidity is nearly 100%) and topping out in the upper 80s. Glorious!

I still have not been great about getting my workouts completed in the early morning and the heat is coming back next week… No bueno! Oh well… We’ll just have to see how this next month goes with this KS weather. We will probably have snow in a couple weeks!! (J/K…but really, KS weather is drunk…)

 Tweet: Coffee this morning? Check out the Ultimate Coffee Date! #linkup http://ctt.ec/LcUba+ #fitfluential #sweatpink @livinglovingrunner

Well…that’s all she wrote – for now… : )

Check out the other link ups and see what everyone is chatting about this month!!

Do you run in the rain? Are you training for a upcoming running event? Have you ever done a run streak?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

6 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date | July 2016

  1. When I lived in Seattle I ran in the rain all the time! Then I moved to LA. It has rained once since I got here in February 😛
    Sounds like you have a good weekend ahead–Happy 4th!


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