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Well, this whole Paleo thing isn’t too bad… As much as I love my sugar and bread carbs, I have been able to stay away! I am doing well most of the time…with the few exceptions of the small amount of cheese on the broccoli bake and hummus. I knew that I would be going in 80/20 to 90/10 in the beginning so I wasn’t wasting food at home – and I am fairly proud of my discipline! Just another day in the life!


What I Ate Wednesday

[drinks] 24 oz mason jar x 3 (at work) + Nuun x 2 + 24 oz mason jar x 2 (at home) 

[breakfast] bulletproof coffee (coconut oil + Kerigold butter) + protein smoothie (vanilla protein powder + 1/2 beet + 1 cup strawberries + ice)

[morning snack] broccoli egg bake + orange

[lunch run] 4 hot HOT miles…

[lunch] summer squash zoodles + cherry tomatoes + venison + red pepper flakes + mango

Well…lunch was a little (or a lot) boring today. I am still learning the way of the Paleo and limiting my dairy is big! I would have topped this with a healthy dollop of cottage cheese…but that will have to wait for another day! Also, my mango was not ripe…in the least. It still taste good…but it was a little tough 🙂

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[afternoon snack 1] crab + carrots

[afternoon snack 2] Dunkin Decaf on my way home 🙂


[dinner] homemade spring roll (lettuce + cucumber + carrot + crab + spring roll) + cucumber + hummus

I made another great spring roll – still need to figure out how to wrap it tighter… Little man had a meat/cheese wrap + oranges + pretzels 


[evening snack] homemade banana nice cream + blackberries

I would love to have “regular” ice cream with little man…but my homemade banana nice cream will suit me just fine. Paleo friendly even!

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman, Meghan, and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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4 thoughts on “squash + spring rolls | WIAW

    1. I love banana ice cream! I decided Paleo mostly to cut non-natural sugars and excess carbs…refined carbs are my crutch. Mostly, I am eating fresh…no boxed anything, no dairy (lactose intolerant), and that is mostly Paleo eating 🙂 I am not 100% crazy yet…but I bought some coconut flour the other day to try and bake with!


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