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coffee + gym + yoga + challenge | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s ๐Ÿ™‚



Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a text from a friend or significant other asking if they would like coffee? Especially on the morning that you discover that they didn’t put the trash out the night before after insisting that they would when they got home…? Peace offering I guess ๐Ÿ™‚ I am always game for coffee!

gym time

So, I found that there is a twice-weekly “Power Lunch” at the gym by my work…so I think that I am going to add this into my routine! Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:15pm-12:45pm, I get a different HIIT workout to get me through the rest of my day! More reason to get my morning runs in…so I can get an afternoon sweat session in too!


Well, I have been trying to get into and make the time for daily yoga…and it still hasn’t clicked yet. I started the other morning and was able to do about 10 minutes. The Yin Yoga class at the gym is great for just stretching and relaxing…but isn’t quite the full stretching I would like to be doing… I need a good how-to video or audio to go with and follow…

paleo thoughts – w2

Image result for paleo funny memeWell, this marks the start of week 2 of my attempt at more Paleo eating habits. It hasn’t been too difficult at this point. I know I need to have a little more focus on protein… This one is a little hard for me! I was practically eating vegetarian for a little while + protein drinks and eggs. So getting my mind around making sure I am getting protein at every meal is a little daunting. I know there are several plant based protein sources…but I am just not sure how to fit it all in. Learning experience!

Amerithon Challenge

Remember when I said that I was going to run/walk/crawl 2,016 miles in 2016? Well, Run the Edge is at it again. They have created a new mileage beast! The Amerithon Challenge started on July 4th and the goal is to run/bike/swim 3,521 miles – or the equivalent of the distance across the United States! WOAH!

Rather than attempt this feat alone, I requested to join a team. Most of the individuals are also doing to 2,016 in 2016 challenge, so we are all motivated to get in our miles! Our team name is 7 Chicks And A Dude – and that is exactly who we are! Between the 8 of us, we are set to run/bike/swim 440 miles a piece to make it across the US! As a team, we have already cruised through several check points in the western portion of the US – heading for the East Coast by the end of the year!

new running beltLevelUpRuns-LightUpRunningBelt---livinglovingrunner

Remember when I reviewed the SLS Running Belt a while ago? They just came out with an LED Running belt! Similarย belt, but with LED lights that have 3 different cycles! I am excited to be able to test and review this belt too!

Want to try your own?! Go to Amazon and order your own for over 50% off using the code “RCE5FGY8” at checkout! I got the PINK one (I have yet to get in a workout in the dark hours with it…and it works for any workout!) HURRY, with a deal like that, they will be gone fast!

new running friends

Well, when I least expected it, I have found a couple new running friends! While it might take a little more time for the feeling to be mutually felt, I am glad that I found runners that run more my pace, at least for longer distances. While this weekend’s 14 miler will be the true test, I am glad that I won’t be the sweeper of the running group – at least for a little while.

Check out the linkup with Amanda to see what everyone is thinking (out loud) this Thursday!


7 thoughts on “coffee + gym + yoga + challenge | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. I love that “power lunch” concept! I often think that doing something on my lunch break active would help boost my energy levels in the afternoon at work since that is when I always seem to get tired and loose steam. Quick HIIT workouts would certainly do the trick!


    1. I am really feeling the DOMS from that workout today…but that is something I will have to get used to and adapt. I met a runner from a neighboring town a little while ago and she invited me out to run with them last weekend. We had a good time and started thinking about making it more often ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad because they run more my pace for long runs! This belt is really nice! It is weather proof so my sweat and light rain won’t ruin my phone!


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the coffee! Everyone likes a hot cuppa joe from time to time. Good luck with the new team effort! I’ll definitely have to run (walk) a 5k with you sometime!


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