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what would you bring to a cookout | Top Ten Tuesday

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, we are talking about the top things you take to a cookout! Check out the other Top Ten Tuesday posts with Nanci and Angela!

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Since i started eating more Paleo based, I find it difficult to eat at cookouts! There is usually a plethora of potato, mayo, cheese, and sugar laden items that I should steer clear of… For me, the items that I bring to a BBQ or cookout event are going to be something that I can indulge in, and everyone else can eat as well!

romaine lettuce or head of lettuce
At most BBQ or cookout situations, there is generally hamburger, hot dog, or bratwurst main courses…and EVERYONE wraps their protein of choice in a bread-based bun. I would much rather have the option to wrap my burger in a lettuce “bun”. Not only is it a fresh option, but a super tasty one as well!

fresh cut watermelon or fresh fruit

I am always loving fresh fruit and summer cookouts wouldn’t work without fresh cut watermelon!!

vegetable tray + dipping sauce

Vegetables are always a great option! So many colors and flavors to choose from…be adventurous and try something new!

homemade kale chips

This is one of the easiest things to do! A little oil, a hot oven, and BOOB, fresh kale chips!

homemade protein balls

I always enjoy everyone’s different ideas of what to put in protein balls. I have not made any since I started eating more Paleo…but it is on the addenda!

flavored water or carbonated beverage
Most of the summer parties we attend may serve some soft drinks, water, and/or alcohol based beverages. By bringing your own bubbly on hand keeps everyone happy!
squash + carrot salad

I need this recipe from my coworker!! Someone brought a squash and carrot salad with dill to our department picnic a few weeks back and it was great!

fresh chopped salad

Can’t go wrong with a simple chopped salad 🙂

avocado deviled eggs

A twist on the standard deviled egg is avocado deviled eggs 🙂 The avocado can take place for the mayo (or at least reduce the quantity) and make a lighter version!

Well, at least not the store bought, super sugary cookies… But if I had a good recipe, I would totally make them and share the love!

Let’s be real, not every BBQ or cookout is going to be easy. By bringing something that will help you keep to your “diet” of choice, you are making positive strides to keep yourself on track and happy about the decisions you are making!

CROWD SOURCING @work 🙂 What would you take to a cookout??

Ashley- potato salad or baked beans

Sarah- corn on the cob 🙂

Mike- first thought- bug spray! Food wise- twice baked potatoes – bacon, cheese, the whole nine yards!

Renea- potato salad

Marjorie- cheese and crackers; or a new graham cracker recipe 🙂

Lan- salad

Ben- If this is my fantasy cookout, my dream cookout, I would bring fried chicken…ha!

Christine- potato salad

What are your go-tos for a BBQ or cookout?

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