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Fall Racing Schedule | Tuesdays on the Run

Boy, do I love the fall! Cooler weather… Football!! Cooler weather… You catch my drift 🙂

Fall is also a great time for PRs!! Well, I am not reaching for any PRs this year. This year is my first full year of half and full marathon training and I didn’t plan on getting a new PR.

I am enjoying just running to run…and a PR would just get in my head and make it hard to enjoy the journey.

It’s Tuesday and we are chatting with the Tuesdays on the Run ladies – Marcia, Patty, and Erika. We are talking our fall race schedules 🙂

While I am not training to PR, I am running to keep my endurance high for other reasons…mostly the craziness that is my fall running weekends!


Mo Cowbell Half Marathon

I will be traveling to St. Charles, Missouri the first weekend in October for the MO Cowbell Half Marathon. I will be pacing the 2:40 finishers group! I always look forward to traveling for a race, but with this one being on a Sunday, it just makes traveling a little more interesting. I am staying with another pacer in her home, Thank you SOOOOOO much Emily, in St. Louis – so we will be a short drive from the start.

Kansas City Half Marathon (Waddell & Reed)


A couple weeks after MO Cowbell, I will be traveling back to KC for the Kansas City Half Marathon. I will also be pacing this race, but I will be with the 2:55 finishers group! This race is my PR from last year and I have run parts of the course several times through other KC races. I am excited to see the course from a slower, less exhausting pace this year!

Rock and Roll St. Louis

Yep, this weekend is going to be a BUSY one!!

After my pacing of the Kansas Half on Saturday, I have a wedding and reception in the KC, MO area, and then I hit the road to St. Louis (again) for RnR St. Louis! I will be getting in town late, crashing on a friend’s couch, and then be out the door before they knew I was even there…

This is the second RnR race I have travelled for and I am so excited! The RnR races involve so much excitement, noise, and commotion that my adrenaline will carry me through the race! If not,…there is always coffee 🙂

This is not a “race” for me as much as it is an experience with running. Similar to RnR Dallas, I didn’t go to set any PRs. I went to just enjoy the race, enjoy the city, and run for me.

Fit Foodie Run 5K or 10K


After about 4 days of work, I will be getting on a jetplane with my BFF and head to California for the Fit Foodie Run Weekend!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Amanda for hosting an amazing giveaway!! I won Amanda’s WASA Giveaway and then was chosen as the GRAND PRIZE winner!

This is an amazing opportunity to experience a new city, a new state…and with my best friend that I hardly ever see!! While she is not a big runner like me, I think that we will have a great time!!

Kansas Half Marathon


The first Sunday in November is the Kansas Half Marathon in Lawrence, KS. This isn’t as far to travel to as KC, so I will most likely stay home that weekend and just make a day trip. I will be pacing the 2:45 finishers group for this race!

Alternate Chili Trail Run – 10 mile

When I met and started running with Mel and Michelle, they talked about a great trail race the first weekend in December – the Alternate Chili Trail 10 miler. This run is located at Wyandotte County Lake Park and both gals have run it in the past. I am hesitant to sign up, but I think that this will be another fun opportunity to run out of my comfort zone!

“A trail run that is “a taste of Psycho WyCo”, on the Psycho Wyco course. Fun Times!” – Who wouldn’t want to sign up for that?! 🙂

Possible other Runs

While the weekends mentioned above are relatively set in stone, there is one weekend that has yet to be decided. I have the chance to pace one of two half marathons in the KC area or travel to Wichita for my first ultra marathon! Or…it could shake out that I sit at home and do nothing…only time will tell 🙂

Weekend of November 12-13

Gobbler Grind Marathon Half Marathon and 5K

Longview Half Marathon on Saturday the 12th or Gobbler Grind Half Marathon the 13th

First thing, I am on the short list as a back-up pacer for either of these half marathons this weekend. With that in mind, I will most likely not sign up for another race. But…

KUS 6/12/24 on Saturday the 12th

One of the races that was mentioned to me by some running friends is the 4th Annual Kansas Ultras Society 6/12/24 Hour Run in Wichita. While I am in no shape to run for 12 or 24 hours, I was thinking about testing myself in the 6 hour time slot. The only issue I have is that the course is a 1.4 mile loop that you run over and over and over and over…yeah… If the course was a little longer, this would appeal to me a little more.

Woah…seeing it all in writing typing sure gets my heart rate going! October is going to be the busiest month of my life, by far… Every weekend, something is going on!! I love being busy, but I am going to need to pre-clean the house those weeks because the weekend cleaning is NOT going to happen 🙂

Other than the races listed, there might be a couple local 5K/10Ks that I look into later…but I am worn out just thinking about it 🙂

What does your fall schedule look like? 

Are you training for a particular race?

Will I see you at any of these races?!

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