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Ultimate Coffee Date | September 2016

Good morning everyone! It is a new morning of a new month – the first Saturday morning of September to be exact! Join Coco, Deborah, and Lynda for the Ultimate Coffee Date link up!

Let’s chat!



Pick your poison! 

This morning is starting with a glass of cold brew and a bottle of Nuun water 😀 After my long run, a coffee mixed smoothie is going to be necessary!…and oh, so good!!


Things are getting busy this time of the year!

School started this past week…which means there are A LOT more people in town, typical college town fluctuations.

We are in our “busy time” of the year at work…and we got the news that our company has been sold to HanesBrands!! What?! I’m still not sure what all that means…but hopefully all for the better!


Fall-Racing-Schedule---livinglovingrunnerWeekends are starting to shape up for this fall. “Easy” weekend this weekend… Traveling to KC next weekend for a friends bridal shower/parties weekend – which will have a new level of exhaustion since my 20-miler in planned for Saturday morning…

All weekends in October are accounted for with races, trips, and birthday parties… Phew! Check out my post from Tuesday to see my upcoming races 😀

WeatherForecastIf we were having coffee…

I would mention the changing of the seasons is finally happening!

Fall is coming…and coming fast!! I am welcoming fall weather with open arms… I am READY for the summer heat and humidity to be GONE.

Check out these temps the coming week!! While mid-day 80s is still warm…my morning runs are going to start needing a light long sleeve 🙂

If we were sipping on some joe…

Speaking of fall, it brings some pretty major allergies too 😦 No fun!

If we were chatting over drinks…

My birthday is next week! I don’t generally do much…but this year it falls on the weekend of my pals bridal shower and bachelorette party. While my preferred bedtime is 9pm, I will be rocking the night away! Slumber party (…high school style, and probably drunk) 😆

Image result for party time cat meme

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If we were chatting over drinks…

I would GUSH that I get to go to the Fit Foodie Run Weekend in San Diego in October! Another bonus, I get to make it a girls weekend with my bestie!!

We have been friends since middle school, through all the changes in high school, roomies through college, wedding maids, and new mommas – together.

The only time that we get to spend together these days is when I travel to KC and we plan coffee dates while our kiddos play 😆

Well…that’s all she wrote – this week : )

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14 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date | September 2016

  1. How fun you’re going to live it up on your birthday! Signs of fall are here too, which is perfectly fine by me. I’m all for summer, but this one’s been SO tough for running.


  2. Happy, happy, happy birthday!!! I am right there with you on enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons, while also battling the upcoming seasonal allergies. Enjoy that trip to KC for the bridal shower and I hope the 20-miler goes smoothly. I also hope your company’s acquisition goes smoothly – I just went through one over the past few years, so I can completely relate. Yay for all your upcoming festivities in October!!!!!


    1. Thanks! The neighbors’s tree has been turning red/purple a little early, so I know it is coming! I hope that I don’t get too much grief for not drinking a lot at the showers…just not something I am interested in… My 20 should be a great pre-game for the weekend 😀


  3. Oh, I hope the job change works out well. Sometimes acquisitions have no effect, sometimes things change for the better, and sometimes …. Have a blast on your bridal/birthday weekend – LOL on having to stay up past your bedtime. That’s my life for sure.


  4. Your post-run smoothie sounds really good. I don’t drink coffee like I used to, but every now and again I will splurge and have a cup. Happy “early” birthday! How fun, a grown up slumber party! Have fun in San Diego, how great is that you and your bestie have been friends for so long!


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