sweet + potatoes | WIAW

[morning workout] morning run ✔️

It felt great to get out and run this morning! I WANTED to run while in San Diego, but the unfamilular surroundings and time change threw me off and I didn’t get out at all! No excuses…our awesome hotel had a great gym that I COULD have used… Oh well!

[post workout snack] Ripple chocolate milk

Not quite my breakfast…but post workout snack 🙂 This stuff is great and it doesn’t upset my tummy! Win – Win!!

[vitamins] A new addition to my routine are these Vitafive gummy vitamins (thank you Erica for the awesome giveaway!!). While i generally take vitamins, these are just a little more fun! I am thinking about making a personal vitamin combo after this pack is finished… Have you tried gummy vitamins?

[breakfast] CLICK shake (literally!!)

My love for coffee/protein drink in the morning has brought me a new beverage to try! CLICK is a gourmet espresso coffee + protein drink that helps boost my energy and serve as a tasty breakfast 🙂 

Hot, cold, or blended – I always start by mixing the powder with cold water. Today, I made mine with less water so when I got to work, I could then add HOT water for a warm breakfast treat!

You should totally try CLICK today! They have sample packs to try all of their flavors – vanilla, mocha, and caramel! Caramel is super delish – also my favorite!

[early morning snack] chips

I got these chips in my “swag bag” from Rock and Roll STL. I am a sucker for chips and “healthy chips” can be hard to come by. These were a sweet treat for sure!

[early lunch] tuna + sweet potatoes 

Yeah…not my greatest combo ever…but I have been loving some sweet potatoes!! I needed a little protein…so I found a tuna pack hidden in my desk at work 🙂 Quick and easy!

[afternoon snack] liveGfree Cheese Ravioli meal

Due to no meal prepping over the weekend, I was in a hurry this morning and just grabbed a frozen meal (that has been in the freezer for A WHILE now…). Not too bad!!…but I’ll be feeling that cheese later 😦

Working lunch…

[evening workout] Brew Run with the Manhattan Running Company crew – this week starting at Little Apple Brewing Company 🙂 Lindsey, little man and I took a stroll around Cico Park and back! 

Mr. Shy Man didn’t want to even look at Lindsey but would ask about her every time she was out of sight… Ha!

[dinner] salad bar

While I was a lame-o and didn’t get a picture of my meal…Lindsey and I both got the salad bar 🙂 Again, little man insisted that he wanted to sit by Lindsey…but not a word was spoken!

Once we got home, it was 5 minutes of winding down and off to bed we went!

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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