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run + refresh + food | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂


But first…

…let’ go for a run!


Have you checked out my two great giveaways this week?? You should!! The CLICK Coffee + Protein giveaway is ending tonight!!

JORD Wood Watch       CLICK Coffee + Protein


The fall chill is certainly upon us!! 30s or 40s in the morning…burrrr! 

My running partner and I are loving it – her especially! She is wanting to get faster…and I kept telling her to wait until fall. She waited and now her paces are getting a little faster! Gotta love the fall!!


Minus the afternoons… 

I missed my morning run yesterday and boy did I pay for it over lunch!! What is this 85+ degree afternoon temps?! We are in the middle of November for goodness sake! 

My heart rate was super high and I couldn’t figure it out!! My pace was easy, my breathing wasn’t labored…the heat!! Darn “fall HEAT”…

3-Day Refresh

As I mentioned on my WIAW post, I am almost through my 3-Day Refresh! Today is Day 3 – and the toughest yet!!

We are having a Thanksgiving potluck lunch at work… Oh boy!

I am thinking about going through the line and getting a couple things to eat for my lunch (vegetable, fruit, fat) and something for my afternoon snack (vegetable, fat)… I think going anywhere NEAR those delicious smells is going to be a test, but I will overcome!! (I hope!!)

**UPDATE – I survived lunch unscathed and on track!!

3-Day Eats on the Refresh

Here is my daily eating plan…via pictures from various days…

Breakfast – Shakeology + fruit
Morning Tea
Morning Fiber Sweep
Lunch – Refresh Drink + vetetable + fruit + fat
Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Snack – vegetable + fat
OR juice recipe from the book
Dinner – Refresh Drink + vegetable based dinner from booklet
Evening Tea

Working out is great, but it can really wear you out…so I made sure my runs or workouts were an “easy” pace and distance… Doing good!!

I also drank hot water or tea most of the day on top of my water intake 🙂


…speaking of refresh

I am kind of proud of how strong my willpower has been over this “refresh”!! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love food! A little too much sometimes… But I was pleasantly surprised by the scale on Day 1. I didn’t completely give up on my diet at the end of my fall running schedule…but I was very lax.

I am also glad I have been able to keep my energy up with A LOT LESS food day to day. It is only 3 days…if it were longer, I’d probably be in a world of hurt…

Smile Brilliant

I am a coffee lover and drinker – and this is not great for my teeth. I am in the first stages of trying an awesome teeth whitening system! A full review and GIVEAWAY will be coming down the pipeline… 

If you are excited to try them like me, you can save 5% using the code “LLRUNNER” at checkout! At least give the system a glance…it is well worth the time 🙂

I am most excited to use the desensitizing gel! I always have sensitive teeth, so whitening treatments make it so much worse! This gel is supposed to help diminish sensitivity, replenish your teeth, and prevent staining.

Virtual Races – Level Up Runs

I got an email this morning that Level Up Runs is having a BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY sale on all their events!! 

I have completed most of their races this year and virtual races are a great way to add a little more fun to those long mileage weekends! Or you can take advantage of the offer for the whole family and make a weekend event of it!

Go to Level Up Runs and use the code “SAVE35” from November 25th-28th for 35% off registration!

happy mail day!!

I really love seeing packages at my door!! Especially when I have been waiting for a bit to get them. 

This week, I got a package from one of Mandi Mutchie’s giveaways from her podcast, Bold Moves. In the package was a tub of Vega Essentials, a new buff, a watermelon cup, water bottle, sun glasses, and Manitoba Hemp Hearts! I also received a different giveaway prize from Mandi – this is the 3-Day Refresh I have been doing this week 🙂 Go check out her podcast to be inspired by some people making Bold Moves in their lives!


…Got to run!! Have a great Thursday!!

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