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just running… | Weekly Workouts

Well…it looks like I missed a week; so this is a double header!! Check out my Runners Gift Guide as well for some ideas for gifting your favorite runner (or just me…) this holiday season!

Weekly Workouts 11/7-11/13

Monday- no workout…I need to make a BIG change this month and make my Monday’s count!! Maybe next week…

Tuesday- We didn’t get in a morning run…but I had already planned on going to the group night run sponsored by our local running store – Manhattan Running Company! It was a lot of fun!

Wednesday- Just a great morning run 🙂

Thursday- Wow!  Fall is in the air…and it feels like WINTER! 

Friday- morning laziness won the battle – no yoga, no run – just work and driving

Saturday- A beautiful CRISP morning for a beautiful run! I paced the 2:55 group at the Longview Half Marathon in Missouri. I kept 4 runners with me or at least in my sights throughout the race. It was an exciting finish for everyone – I finished 2:54:53 (official time)

Sunday- no workout – recovery can be a “workout” I guess 🙂

Weekly Miles : 26.7 workout miles

This past week was just about moving… My running buddy and I are thinking about making routes that correlate for different days of the week 🙂 For example, Monday is the Aggieville loop, Tuesday is the King of the Hill day, Wednesday is the Snyder loop…etc. I am not sure if this will happen starting next week…but here’s to wishin’!

Weekly Workouts 11/14-11/20

Monday- If it wasn’t enough to run 5+ in the morning…I “got lost” on my lunch run… I wasn’t technically “lost” but I did take a new trail that I haven’t run before and it was longer than I expected…

Tuesday- Up and at’um!! 

Wednesday- I missed my morning run…or we just decided to not run, whatever! Well, Mother Nature wasn’t happy about my decision and punished me for it… Hot hot HOT lunch run!

Thursday- a morning adventure with Angie 🙂 I think we both were tired…but it was too nice of a morning to pass up!!

Friday- no workout 

Saturday- no workout – unless playing with a little man or meal prepping counts 🙂

Sunday- no workout in sight…no morning run, the hubs left to watch the football game somewhere, kiddo napping…then b-day party plans this afternoon. Is this what taking a weekend off feels like? Oh well…

Weekly Miles : 25.5 workout miles 

1586 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

Well, my weekends of races and pacing events are over for a little while! 

It is time to start thinking about the next training plan…what to train for specifically…how to cross train this time around…and a fueling plan! 

How did your week go? Are you still training for a race this fall? Have you thought about your spring schedule?

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I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

6 thoughts on “just running… | Weekly Workouts

  1. Hasn’t the weather just been all over the place? One day it’s shorts and tanks. The next is tights and hats. You certainly have been busy pacing half marathons while not training specifically for anything. That should give you an excellent base for whatever you decide to do. Thanks for linking, Lindsey!


  2. Great job, getting it done! We have had some unusually warm weather for this time of year in Maine, so I have enjoyed taking advantage of it!! Thanks for linking up at Sunday Fitness & Food 🙂


  3. Congrats on a great running week! I think switching up the routes on different days with your running partner is a great idea and it sure beats boredom. I constantly need to switch up my routes, too, otherwise running can feel rather stale sometimes. Have an awesome running week Lindsey!


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