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cold office + thankful runner | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Happy Thanksgiving!


But first…

…hot coffee ๐Ÿ™‚ (please let it be hot!!)

Image result for hot coffee

because I work in a ccccccold offffffice…

Well, Monday started with a SUPER cold office space… The “heat” was set to 74 degrees but the vents are blowing cold air!! This is not good. The building has many different sections – walking around the production floor, warm; walking in the art department, warm; break rooms, warm; sales floor, warm…web and technical applications – freezing!

These were just a FEW of the memes sent back and forth between us coworkers…

Image result for always cold

Image result for always cold

Image result for always cold

Image result for cold office meme

Image result for cold office meme

This is also true in the summer… The hubs gives me grief for wearing a jacket in the summer, and mostly it is because I forget to take it off after work.

Image result for always cold

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s that day we love and sometimes dislike all at the same time! 

I love seeing my family all in one place and sharing a big meal! 

This is also something I dislike…like most families, there can always be drama brought to the table. And the food! I ALWAYS eat too much…no matter my best intentions. And then to hop into a car and travel who knows how far to share another drama filled meal while I am still digesting the first… It is just a lot to take in.

I will happily indulge in family conversations and a cooked meal – because this is what Thanksgiving is all about! 

I am thankful that I have a family that is able to congregate together at least once a year. With us living a little bit farther away, we aren’t always able to meet up for Sunday lunch or a meal throughout the week. On this day, we can relax a little and enjoy everyone’s company.

I am thankful to the cooks in the kitchen, slaving away to make some home cooked creations! 

I am thankful for my family! I love seeing little man get so excited to see my parents and my hubs parents! While he can be a little shell shocked upon first sighting them, he is always quick to warm up and want to play ๐Ÿ™‚

I am thankful for the prosperity our hard work has provides us. It helps us afford the roof over our heads, the food on our table, and the creature comforts of being at home.

As a runner, I am Thankful for…

As a runner I am thankful for a few less than ordinary things…or just less than ordinary to anyone but me ๐Ÿ™‚

I am thankful for Body Glide – without it, my legs would be a chaffing mess! Also good as lip balm in a pinch…

I am thankful for early morning long runs – without them, I would need to find a babysitter for hours because I am not game to push a jogging stroller that long (I am just NOT that person…) – and little man generally only lasts about an hour before he wants out…

I am also thankful for early morning runs because then I don’t have to worry about sun protection – the sun isn’t even up yet!

I am thankful for other runners – without them, running solo would be way less interesting! At running events, you can meet so many different people from different backgrounds. Runners are typically an outgoing crowd that isn’t afraid to talk about their body chafe and training plan (…or lack thereof) with someone new. We all have the same issues…spread the love and start an awkward conversation!

I am thankful for those tube headwear things – I recently got one as race swag, another from an event, and one from a giveaway…and I am hooked! Wearing stocking hats in the cold weather is hard with a pony tail or bun…which is how I choose to wear my shorter hair these days. Those lightweight tube things are great! No smashed hair – No fuss – and they come in so many fun colors! Plus, they keep my head and ears warm – which is what I am MOST thankful for.

I am thankful for short port-a-potty lines – no brainer. 

I am thankful for family members living in popular areas for race events – again with the babysitter situation from before. My in-laws have been amazing this past year about watching little man on Saturday morning so I can go run or pace a race. Without my family living “close” and being flexible, I wouldn’t be able to run or pace as many races as I do!

I am thankful for natural made fuels – I would love to be a “natural fueled” runner someday, and companies that make bars and snacks with limited ingredients, that I could practically make on my own, is amazing! No more Gu for me if I don’t have to!

I am thankful for Shower Pill wipes – there is nothing worse than wanting to change into clean clothes after a race and putting the same dirty, sweaty body in cleans scrubs! Shower Pill wipes are a quick, easy way to clean up, get dressed, and feel confident that I won’t be smelling myself soon after…

I am thankful for coffee.

I am thankful for new shoes for a bargain – a necessary evil of running a lot of miles is getting new running shoes…a lot of new running shoes! I go through a new pair every 3-4 months or so…and the hubs just laughs at me. “See those shoes over there? I have had those for like 10 years.” Well…let’s go for a run and see how long they last ๐Ÿ™‚

I am thankful for other runners insights – One example, I am glad that I can trust in other runners opinions on what I should wear when the temperature is ___ degrees outside. No matter what “___” is, there is someone that has their tried and true running clothing plan that I can replicate. This is especially true for cold weather running! A lot less trial and error for me, and a lot more “comfortable” miles in the cold! I am not sure where I found the picture below, but it is saved on my phone as my go-to for now ๐Ÿ™‚


I need to go for a run! 

…because turkey, and stuffing, and pumpkin pie…that’s why!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Check out the linkup with Amanda to see what everyone is thinking (out loud) this Thursday!

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