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November Runfessions

Well, it is about that time again – Runfessions!! How is it already the end of November?! This year is flying by…super fast – and it is starting to feel more like winter than fall…

Like every month ends – let’s link up with Marcia and check out the other Runfessions for this month!!


I runfess…

I have not even started looking into a training plan for next Spring’s race schedule…


…I am not completely sure what all I will be running!

I put my name in the hat for quite a few pacing opportunities this spring…but that is all a guessing game as to what weekends those will take up. I should be hearing back soon!

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On top of that, I would like to be able to run another 50K or longer race 🙂 There are a couple in the area that I am interested in and I just need to be sure I am giving myself enough recovery time so my pacing gigs are also successful…

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I runfess…

I am not COMPLETELY sure what the best form of “recovery” really is at this point… 

I would much rather keep moving and keep running! 

Image result for running recovery meme

..I runfess…

Most of my running these days is at a slow and steady rate…no records being set for me! I think this is why I am able to still pile on the miles… I am not truly wearing myself out as a PR chaser would be. 

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to chase a PR in the coming year or so…but it just isn’t a priority!

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I must runfess…

I really love doing yoga 🙂 

Like a lot!

But I really don’t like having to go to the gym or it… And I don’t like getting attacked by my little man or molested by my dog to get a good stratch session at home… I am not sure there is a clear question or answer – I just need to figure it out 🙂

Are you doing the #RLYbalanceyourstride challenge? I can totally use some stride balancing moves in my life!


I runfess…

I am not a Black Friday shopper…but I enjoy a great deal when I see it! Some good running gear sales have me wishing for deeper pockets!…

I runfess…

I ate A LOT over Thanksgiving…and I don’t completely regret it 🙂 The issue is that now there are leftovers that will be haunting my meals for a couple days! I just need a reset button 🙂 …and someone else to eat the leftovers!

I runfess…

Gotta run…bye!

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What are your Runfessions for this month? Do you have an active recovery plan?

Check out the other links with Marcia and see who is spilling their Runfessions for this month…


I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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2 thoughts on “November Runfessions

  1. I runfess I’ve got nothing on my radar race-wise for next year yet. I only have eyes for Berlin in Sept apparently. Haha! I managed to not over eat this Thanksgiving. Normally I’d overdo it on desserts by my MIL’s offerings came up short. Waaaay short.


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