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Since my weeks are busy and my evenings are short, I rather enjoy posting my “Tuesday’s” on the Run post on later in the week…or a week late 🙂 Last week’s the question is, “What has running taught you?” There are soooo many things that pop into my head, but I will try and limit them to five 🙂 It is time for my Friday Five after all!

patience, persistence

Wow. This is a big one! I have learned a lot about having patience and persistence in my short time running. I say “short time” because I have only been running consistently for the last 2 years! There are so many runners that I am motivated by that have been running for years and years and years! 

Patience – I know that goals are not met overnight. Trusting in the process and having patience is important to not get overwhelmed with the magnitude of it all! Taking 16 to 20 weeks to train for a goal race is A LOT to think about!…but taking the plan week-by-week and having patience in the process, you will succeed!

Persistence – My goals are only going to be met if I persist and push through the hard times! Interval workouts are not my best friend, but without them, I am not going to get any faster. Persistence is key!

i can do hard things

YES!! I CAN do hard things!! While it isn’t always easy, it is doable. 

Running an “unplanned” 50K last year taught me that I can do hard things!! Yes, I did train for less distance over the summer with the thought of possibly running a marathon in the fall…but that didn’t shake out. The 50K was certainly on a whim, but I was as prepared as I could have been for the event 🙂 Yes, it was hard! But I CAN DO HARD THINGS 🙂

With dead legs, fire on my feet, butterflies in my stomach (could have been something else…ha!), and a smile on my face, I finished my first 50K!  I CAN DO HARD THINGS!!

running alone is fun BUT running with friends is a lot of fun 

I started out as a solo runner. Not out of choice (completely) but out of necessity. I didn’t have a clue as to how to run, how to pace myself, how to judge distance…and frankly, I still have issues with this! The bigger flaw was that I just didn’t know anyone that was willing to head out at the butt-crack of dawn to run/jog/walk/whatever down the street with me…

Now that I have been running for a little bit, new running buddies have come through the cracks – through local running groups, local family members, new semi-local running friends, etc. I am slowly growing my “running tribe” in Manhattan and in KC and I get so excited when I get to head out with any of them for a run! Yeah, I am usually the slow one of the pack, and as long as they don’t hold it against me, I will keep running with them! The conversations are always interesting, and even if they are just about “daily life stories”, I am always engaged and ready to give my $0.02 🙂

pacing is a great way to meet new people AND everyone has a story 

I blended these two together…(1) because I promised to keep this post to five lessons learned, and (2) they really do go hand in hand for me!

I started pacing with the Smart Pacing team in Spring 2016 – I have since paced 3-4 or so races in the spring and fall and plan to continue to for years to come! Pacing has become second nature for me in the short time I have had the opportunity to run with the Smart Pacers. I have complete respect for the “back-of-the-pack”ers because that is me!! I love pacing the 2:40+ half marathon times because this is where I started! Everyone has a story and I get the opportunity to meet new runners and spend a few hours with them!

Whether it is their first race, first time back after a time away from running, their 50th half marathon, and every story in between, every runner has a story!!

enjoy the time you have BECAUSE every day is a gift

Make every day count in your own way! Running helps me clear my head, loosen my legs, challenge my mind and body, and take a little time for myself. Every day is a gift – it is how you use the time that really counts! 

What has running taught you? Did you learn these lessons this year or are you a veteran runner?

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I’d love to pace a group sometime! It’s fun being with other runners, and encouraging them along the route….and I would imagine it’s incredibly rewarding to see them cross the finish line 😉


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