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winter 26.2 training w6 + Stunt Puppy Review | Weekly Workouts

With the hubs out of town this week, I had to move most of my runs to my lunch hour… While I enjoy lunch runs (or “runch” as I call them often), NEEDING to make my runs happen during lunch can be a little harder to schedule. If I can run in the morning and a possible lunch run lines up, that is great! Forcing the only run for the day to be during lunch just gets a little hard… While it should be any more hard than other days, it just feels that way…

The amazing weather towards the end of the week made my weekend running PERFECT!!

Due to the nicer weather, I was able to get little man and our gal out for walks a little more. I enjoyed testing our new Stunt Puppy leash and am also reviewing it here!! Enjoy!!


Weekly Workouts

Monday- I hit the road with Angie this morning – no interval workout, but a couple extra miles to make up for the next few days…

Tuesday- Since the hubs left town EARLY this morning, I wasn’t able to run… Well, I was up and had the time, but when I heard his alarm start going off, I didn’t want him to have to wait for me to return… So I went back to bed… A nice trail lunch run was just what I needed!

Wednesday- Some runs are just not fun…and today was one of those days. The afternoon was cold, I over-layered, and my intervals were hard… On well! Done!

Thursday- Darn, another hard run! Too many layers, too cold, not enough fueling, excuses… Some miles is better than no miles in my mind ❤

Friday- Since the hubs came home, I was able to head to the gym and get lost in Netflix on the treadmill ❤ And since we were told to leave early from work, I added a second run to the day! My runs felt great and my hard feelings from the past couple days completely disappeared!

Saturday- Starting the weekend off with a 15 mile bang! 

Sunday- When I talked to Michelle about our training miles for this weekend, our schedules matched up! I planned on 5-6 on Sunday – so we decided to meet up at the Konza! The big loop is roughly 6 miles…the perfect distance! Great running, great conversation! 

Weekly Miles : 59 miles

294 / 2,017 miles in 2017

Stunt Puppy – Stunt Runner | Review

Disclaimer: I received a Stunt Puppy Stunt Runner to try and review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! As always, all opinions are my own and I was not further compensated for my review!

If your 4-legged running buddy is anything like my Paisley, running with then can be hard…and nearly impossible! 

Paisley is a young lab and hasn’t ever been great on a leash. Even through training, she just goes crazy when she SEES her leash, let alone you try to use it.

When I had the opportunity to try a hands-free leash, the Stunt Runner by Stunt Puppy, I jumped at the chance to spend more miles out with my gal! 


I love business that add the extra personal touch to an order!

I have not been great about taking Miss Pai out for runs since last summer. She is the textbook definition of a leash puller… I might as well be on roller skates to let her pull me around town!!

If there are animals or other dogs anywhere near out path, my arm would be nearly pulled out of it’s socket when she would dart around!! Runs were not very enjoyable and I started taking her out less as the longer training runs started working into my training plan.

Our first adventure with the hands-free Stunt Runner leash was to the pet store! Since Pai is a crazy leash puller and chokes herself out when the leash is attached to her collar, I needed to get her a new harness! 

Once we found a good harness, we walked around the shop…hands-free never felt so good!! While I was chasing around my little man visiting all of the animals, Pai was just a couple steps away! I didn’t have to worry about having my arm pulled off when other animals were around. I just went where I needed to go and she lead the way (and wore herself out in the process).

Our first run with our new Stunt Runner happened to be in the evening when I needed to literally RUN an errand! I needed to take a couple large containers to a family member that lives all of half a mile from us – so I decided to run over and take Pai along!!

I probably looked like I was doing something I shouldn’t have been with plastic bins tucked under my arm, running down the street… But being hands-free with Paisley made the task so simple! The leash stretches from 35″ to 51″ in length to absorb some of the changes in pulling effort stride length. No more dragging leashes! #builtfromthedogup

Since the weather has been so great lately, I have been taking my little man and Pai out for walks around the block more often! With my hands-free leash, I can focus more on how and what little man is doing and much less on the pup! This is especially necessary with other animals in yards and crossing the streets… 

While Paisley is still guilty of pulling her leash, my body (mostly arm and shoulder) isn’t taking a major strain in the whole process! 

The Stunt Runner is a life, arm, and shoulder saver due to its lightweight, simple design :

  • Made in the USA
  • Hands-free construction 
  • Durable nylon materials 
  • Strong waist strap and buckles 
  • Variable strap locations for ease of use
  • Strong elastic recovery from 35 to 51 inches in length – so the leash isn’t dragging on the ground!!

Be sure to join the Twitter #BibChat on Tuesday, February 14th to talk with BibRave and sponsor Stunt Puppy about running with our 4-legged buddies!! There is bound to be a great giveaway!!

Want to read more reviews? Check out the other BibRave Pro reviews of the Stunt Runner – or at least you can check out some more cute pups!!

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Stunt Puppy has been gracious and gave us a discount code to pass along! Use the code “BIBRAVE17” to save 20% at checkout – valid until 3/15/17.

How did your training week go? What are you training for? Do you run with your dog? 

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22 thoughts on “winter 26.2 training w6 + Stunt Puppy Review | Weekly Workouts

  1. Wow great mileage! That leash looks very cool! When my kids were little I’d walk 2 dogs + the stroller and let’s just say there might have been some swearing involved….sometimes. Haha!


  2. When I first started walking Lola & Bandit together, I used a hands free leash for Lola — it worked really well & she took to it quite quickly for an 11 yr old dog! However, it’s too heavy for running.

    I haven’t been running a lot with Bandit lately because he doesn’t enjoy it much with the tons of snow we have right now. Which actually makes running easier . . . but I’m sure when/if spring comes, he’ll be happy to run with me again.

    He’s a small dog, though, and I wonder if the leash will be too long & therefore drag? He’s only 16 lbs. So luckily no arm pulling (even though he can be a puller, considering he was never really trained to walk on a leash — the no pull harness helps a lot.


  3. Hmmm……… I may need this in my life! Trixie is getting much better on the leash but boy would it be awesome to run with her hands free!! I’ll check this out more. Thanks!


  4. That looks like a great leash for runners. I used to run a lot with my Mini and although she was excellent at it — my hand would tire from holding the leash and not being able to swing my arm freely. I’d end up switching back and forth. Thanks for linking, Lindsey!


  5. I would love that leash! Hands-free is what I need. My dog does really well after about a 1/2 mile warm up. During that time he has to pee on everything but once he’s done it’s time to run! Except for the occasional wildlife encounter he really does a great job staying right with me!


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