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The day that I usually use for my WIAW post was just weird…being home “sick” didn’t account for exciting meals or anything remarkable – enough so that I hesitated posting this. Oh well, here is what Tuesday involved…

[breakfast] bulletproof coffee

A late morning start accounted for me not wanting to eat too much before heading off to the gym. I was able to get some dishes put away and reloaded, some laundry folded, moved, and reloaded…and then FINALLY headed to the gym 🙂


[workout drinks] Beachbody Performance Energize before, Hydrate during, Recover after!!

I have been drinking these Beachbody Performance supplements for a little couple weeks now 🙂 A full review will be posted soon! Either way, the easiest way to use these drinks is to prep them ahead of time! 

[workout] 11 intervals of 1 mile run, 2 minute walk = 13 miles total


[lunch] 5 pretzel bites and 1 bottle of kombucha

Since I left the gym around 12:30 pm, I drank my Beachbody Performance Recover on the way home. I was only heading home to grab a receipt to take to the hubs at the mall… I grabbed a bottle of kombucha from the fridge and headed out to meet the hubs. He was snacking on come pretzels…so I had a few 🙂


[afternoon snack] Blue Moose – small house salad + sweet potato fries

Since the hubs had an interesting time at the mall, he felt like he deserved a beer…always 🙂 So I tagged along – because we never have the same day off sans little man. We relaxed a little, he had a beer or three, I was offered a cold brew coffee (but then the tap was changed before I could get it – so I drank what came out of the tap lines, still good!), and after a little while against my better judgement, I ordered something to eat. I didn’t want to pay for anything more than the drinks the hubs was having, but the random meals being plated around me made me want at least a snack… So I had a small house salad and a side of sweet potato fries 🙂 Yum!

[dinner] Homemade BBQ Pizza + cole slaw & cucumbers

Since we were gifted with some leftover pulled pork a couple days ago, we have had a couple homemade bbq pizzas – made by the hubs 🙂 The first was made with thin crust dough…which I didn’t realize until after I bought the regular crust dough for the second pizza. Oh well, still tasted great!

[evening snack] Beachbody Recharge

With the Beachbody Performance series, there is a night supplement called Recharge. The vanilla flavor is a great evening treat – I enjoy it blended with ice and made into an icy, ice cream sort of treat 🙂 (not a new image)

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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5 thoughts on “gym time + day off | WIAW

  1. That “ice cream” looks good! Also, interesting take on an interval workout! I’ve never heard of doing mile repeats like that before but I think I could get into it. 🙂


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