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What is it about a crappy day of eating that makes you want to start fresh the next day?! Yeah, I started my Monday off on the right foot…and then I was majorly derailed by mid-afternoon… Well, that didn’t work – and who wants to see the crap I ate that day?! I know I don’t want to show you… ha!

So Tuesday it is! I was a lot better keeping track of my appetite and staying away from the extra sugar around me… Here you go! What I Ate Wednesday – but more like what I ate ON Tuesday 🙂

[breakfast] homemade kombucha

I was able to wake up EARLY and take my thyroid pill, but since the weather was questionable with lightening within 10 miles of us, I didn’t get up to go run. Instead, I opted to stay in bed longer 🙂 I started my morning with a nice glass of kombucha before heading off to work.

[morning snack] banana + Honey Stinger waffle

Since I missed my morning run, I waited out the storms and took an early lunch run. I wasn’t about to head out into the heat and humidity on an empty stomach (even though I do on any typical 5:30am running morning). I have been up for more than few hours now, so I was getting hungry – a banana and waffle (thank you HS lady at the Lincoln expo for treating the pacers to some HS goodies) hit the spot and gave me a little extra energy to take on the trails!

[workout] 4.5 easy, but high-ish HR miles on the streets and trail

[lunch] lettuce wraps with turkey + carrots + guacamole 

A fresh lunch to keep my day on track! These romaine lettuce wraps are super simple to make and you can pack them with lots of goodies! I forgot to add tomatoes and cucumber before packing them away, but they are still great!

[afternoon snack] Granny Smith apple + Once Again Cashew Butter + Erin Bakers peanut butter cluster granola

I am a sucker for apples and almond butter – I eat it at least once a day most days! I have been mixing it up a bit lately. 

After a work meeting, I noticed a fresh bag of popcorn…so I grabbed some – no, I wasn’t necessarily hungry, but my snacking brain went a little overlaod… Oh well.

[dinner] hot dog w/lettuce “bun” + homemade spinach artichoke dip + carrot sticks

While I was “good” most of the day, the hubs was in charge of dinner. I planned on eating a sweet potato with some fixin’s…but I then just decided to take the easy way out and eat what everyone else was eating…almost 🙂 

The hubs was craving some spinach artichoke dip…so he made up a BIG batch of it. Rather than eating it with chips (like the boys), I paired it with carrots – so good!! Also, I subbed the hot dog bun for romaine lettuce – win!

Little man and I enjoyed our dinner and conversation while the hubs watched the baseball game 🙂 Pai was sure to collect any scraps that landed on the floor…

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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