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Looking back to last Friday, I went over what I wanted to do on Sunday for Mother’s Day…some fed into what happened on Saturday as well! Get ready for a full, photo packed weekend!!


Much like most days last week, my Friday started with a run! It was a little more chilly than we are used to…and we loved it! I wish I could have run all day…

But that isn’t going to pay the bills…so off to work I went!

After work, I picked up little man and we headed to the playground! We haven’t been to this playground before, so we were sure to play on all the swings, all the slides, and all of the toys around the area. I even brought a decent sized snack so I could wear him down we could play for a while!

The rest of the evening wasn’t eventful – dinner, second dinner, playtime, and off to bed!


I was up early to get out and drive over to the group run. Now that I am in a taper of sorts, my mileage isn’t quite as high… So rather than run the 3 miles to the start, whatever miles of the loop. and 3 miles home – I just drove over. 

In the process, I was able to hand off a few of the pacing sticks to my fellow runners for next weekend’s local half marathon! At least 4 local runners will be assisting with pacing the race – we are all going to do great!

After the run, I ordered a decaf Pike’s Place from Starbucks to grab on my way home. I sure do love the taste of coffee – the caffeine isn’t necessary. Little man was up and around when I got home…so we had a snack, AKA breakfast, and then hit the road!

First stop, Walmart. I needed a couple things… Second stop, the Farmers Market! We LOVE going to the Farmers Market, even though we aren’t there all that long. This weekend, they had Mother’s Day themed giveaways and games for the kiddos. I got a bag and plant for being one of the first 100 moms at the market. Little man was able to plant a flower for mom too 🙂

The next bit of fun on the agenda was going to the Car Show! I didn’t know about it until this morning…and since we went last year, I knew that little man would totally enjoy it!

He would run to the driver’s side of the car, “I want to see that one!” And then he would stand on his toes and peer into the window, “OOOoooooo!”

Rinse and repeat…a lot of times!!

Our most favorite part of the show was the fire engines! There were some antique engines where the kids could sit in the seats and honk the horns 🙂

After the Car Show, we headed to the library. I planned on going to the 11 am story time book reading…we got there around 10:45 am and hung out for a little while. There weren’t a lot of kids around – and this should have been a clue.

Once it was closer to 11, we headed into the story time room…and little man played a little while I tried to figure out where the kids are. I checked the library website and…well, the story time is only a “winter” activity at the library…and it ended 2 weeks ago.

Well bum…

We stuck around the library for a little while longer – we played with the pillows, played with some toys, and made some friends.

On our way home, we stopped off to get the hubs some minnows for his fishing adventure after work tonight. Little man was VERY excited to see the fish, and I think that he thought he was going to go fishing too…sadly, no.


Once we got home, it was nap time for little man and I both  : )  

We were both out for a couple hours – and ready to play some more!

I decided to mow the yard – and to keep the little ones occupied, I filled up the pool. Little man thought it was all for him and got upset when Pai got in…but after talking about it, he was okay with her splashing him.

Once I needed to move to the front yard, I bribed little man out of the pool with some ice cream…he went along with it until his ice cream was gone…

Lawn mowed, check!

We cleaned up, made the hubs a bag of snacks, and started a movie. About this time, the hubs came home and quickly changed, grabbed the minnows and snacks, and was out the door! Around the same time, I got a call from our cousins and they were inviting us over for dinner – steak, salad, potatoes, etc – we were on our way before we knew it! The hubs was also invited, but they knew that he was planning on going fishing…

I decided to take some carrots to the party – yum! I was mean and text a picture of the spread to the hubs…and he was at the house within an hour…ha! Fishing wasn’t going well, and the picture was all he needed to come back.

One of the fun parts of the evening was when we played on the new go-cart! Human power is the engine it has at the moment, but that was enough for these kids to have a good time!

Once it started getting dark, little man and I headed home. I knew it was WAY past his bedtime, he DID put up a little bit of a fight when we got home, but he was out shortly after.

Good day. Good night!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I had some plans for the day – and the hubs knew about them ahead of time ; ) My first gift to myself was a couple morning miles out at the Konza Prairie. Even though I completed the shortest route, I took enough pictures  : )  I LOVE LOVE LOVE going out to the Konza and today was a BEAUTIFUL morning for some trail miles!

Once I got home, the little man was up and ready for the day – and the hubs was still asleep. So, rather than making a fuss, little man and I subtly tried to get the hubs up so we could get something to eat… This didn’t work out as soon as we liked…so little man had a snack to tie him over. I started on some laundry, with a little help, and started thinking about what we were going to do today…

The hubs finally got up, with the help of little man talking about going to the donut shop,…we hit up the Varsity Donuts shop since the hubs hasn’t been there before. We all enjoyed a donut (or two) and then wandered around Aggieville.

My big plan for the day was to get our garden beds put together.

We drove home and while the hubs took care of a couple things, I started weeding the garden beds. Next step was heading to Horticulture Services to get out vegetables. We decided on 6 tomatoes (2 cherry/grape, 2 roma, 2 big boy), 4 jalapenos, 2 bell peppers, 1 zucchini, 1 summer squash, and a watermelon plant – I picked up 4 cucumber (2 burpless, 2 bush) the next day since they were out at Hort.

Next stop was Menard’s for some garden soil research…we knew that we were going to need more soil, but we were going to price shop a bit. Menard’s – $6.99 (plus 11% mail-in rebate), Walmart – $7.99, Home Depot – $7.99…back to Menard’s! By this time, little man was passed out in the back seat – so I go to carry him around Menard’s 🙂

Of course, when we got back to the truck, he woke up and wanted to know where we were going. When I told him that we were going home, he said, “No! I want to go to Menard’s!” Poor kid, he slept through Menard’s the second time… 

We got some lunch and little man was sent to his room for a nap. The hubs left to get some free compost and I started tilling the garden beds.


I was into garden bed #2 when the hubs came home. Around this time, little man was also up from his nap already (not a long nap…) and I had some helpers in the garden!

The hubs took over the tiller on the 3rd garden bed…and mentioned “this really sucks!” Um, yeah…I just did two of the gardens beds already…ha! Since he was having trouble with the trellis being in the way, I traded the tiller for him to get his tools and take the trellis down. Now that we don’t have hops in the garden, the trellis is now unnecessary.

Once the garden was fully tilled, the trellis is taken down – I decided to head to the store for some dinner items. We decided that we were too worn out to go to the lake for a cookout – so we just cooked out in our backyard and enjoyed the AC while we could… While I was at the store, the hubs added the compost to the garden beds.  

Dinner consisted of burgers with all the fixings (tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon, condiments, etc.) and baked beans 🙂

We all settled in to watch the Royals baseball game while eating dinner. After dinner, the hubs went back to Menard’s for the 3rd or 4th time today to get garden soil – less bags than we would have needed if we didn’t get the compost, but still more than I wanted to spend on “dirt”.

While the hubs was out, little man and I added new mulch to the front of the house and I trimmed the tree. It is great how a little new mulch can make the front of the house look better 🙂 

The remainder of the evening was spent adding new dirt garden soil to the garden beds, placing the vegetables where they would spend their summer in the gardens, then planting the garden, and watering everything!

Before – lots of weeds and the unused trellis
After – the garden beds are all prepped for vegetables (weeded, tilled, fresh compost, and dirt garden soil)
After After – the vegetables are all planted (with the exception of the cucumber in the right side garden bed) and cages are added to the tomatoes
The following morning – since we finished at 8:30 pm, the next morning looked good!

Our evening ended with baths and showers for all and a long nights sleep!!

Good day. Good night!

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