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Needless to say, with last week’s craziness, I am not jumping right into my next mini training plan…but I am still trying to move a little more everyday! I do have a plan to follow…but since I probably will not be following it this week, there isn’t any reason to show you 😉

Weekly Workouts

Monday- While my mini training cycle has started, my running has not. I went and talked to the clinic at work, told them about what happened last week, and my suggestion of getting a little more blood work completed was a welcomed idea. I am going to stop by the local Lab Corps before work in the morning and get my blood drawn and tested for several different levels…hopefully this adds a couple more pieces to the puzzle of my changing health…

Tuesday- Morning labs, followed up with working all day – I didn’t really feel like getting out for a walk…

Wednesday- No morning run, no bags packed for a lunch run. 

I did get a call back from the practitioner at the clinic with my blood results! We tested my lipid panel, my thyroid levels, and my iron levels (as well as my B12 and Ferritin levels). I have a little elevated cholesterol (elevated good, but the bad is also a little higher than it needs to be) – which I am now working on getting into check. As it turns out, my thyroid has stopped working. Not sure why…it just happens sometimes. I had the flu a month or so ago and that may have been what triggered my thyroid to stop working. In addition, my B12 level was great, but my Ferritin was quite low…so I will be taking some major doses of iron for a little while to get that level up.

Well, with all the hope I have, we may have a diagnosis! Hypothyroidism and iron-deficient anemia… One gets a pill everyday for the rest of my life, and the other is 3 iron pills a day for a little while. Any news is good news at this point – even if it is a life sentence with a pill bottle… When I talked to my parents, both of them are on hypothyroid medication – dad’s stopped working around the same age as me, and mom had part of hers removed several years ago…

And with that, I went for a short run around the block 🙂 It feels like it has been forever since I put my running shoes on…

Thursday- Now that I am less afraid of stroking out on a run, I went for an easy paced jaunt to start the day 🙂 Feels good to be running again!

Friday- While I am still trying to run slow, which is hard BTW, I am enjoying the time out on the streets and trails 🙂 You don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone! Yeah yeah yeah, it was only “gone” for a week or so…but I was getting antsy!! 

Saturday- The weather didn’t make me WANT to get out and go for a run…but I should have. Of course, everyday life took priority and I didn’t get a run in after all. But I am perfectly fine with that. I can totally use the extra rest these days…

Sunday- No morning run due to the thunderstorm – and I didn’t want to go to the gym!!

I waited out the storms, spent some time with little man, and around nap time, little man went down and I soon left for my run. I had planned a 10 mile route, I wanted to keep my HR low, and I knew I was going to get rained on. Okay. I headed out and before too long, I started second guessing my drive… Since my episodes last week, I have been trying to keep my HR low – not sure why – but it just works for me for now. My HR was relatively low, but I would get into a groove, then check, and my pace and HR were a little more than I liked.

I questioned heading home a few times…but something would change and I would keep moving on. Once, it started raining, so I thought about heading home…but once I got to the point where I would either turn on my route or turn towards home, it stopped raining…so I carried on. This same routine happened a couple more times with the rain… By the time I was in my last couple miles the rain started really pouring and the wind was blowing it sideways!! I was chilled, so I picked up my pace and headed home! When the rain let up, I let up my pace…and I was able to keep my average HR at 140 – pretty happy about that!

Weekly Miles : 21 miles

817 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

I am still playing my workouts by ear…next week will be about the same! I will be traveling to pace the Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon on Sunday – come run with us!!

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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17 thoughts on “health issues | Hospital Hill w1 | Weekly Workouts

  1. I’m glad that they found an answer to your health problems! Thats always good news, even if the news you receive isn’t the best.


  2. I’m hypothyroid too. After I had my second baby it went out of wack and I take medication to regulate it. I too hate the idea of meds most likely for life but once you get the doseage correct and on track hopefully you’ll see a big difference. I haven’t seen any negative effects as far as my running goes – in fact I feel better and have been running faster and easier than I had in a long time. Hope it all gets sorted out quickly for you!!


    1. The doctors told me I would be feeling SOO much better before long…but I wasn’t feeling badly before. If I wouldn’t have asked for more testing and kept trying to run, I may have felt way worse… It is refreshing to hear other people going through the same health issues – shows me a light at the end of the tunnel ☺️☺️


  3. It must be such a relief to have an answer to your health issues, and I’m glad to hear that you’ve got the medication you need to be on track! I hope you had a great time getting back to running after your break!


  4. I’m hypothyroid as well. As was mentioned above, once they get your levels right, it’s not a big deal. You’re going to feel SO much better once that and your iron levels are corrected!


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