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Hospital Hill w3 | Weekly Workouts


Last week ended with higher miles that I expected and a very successful pacing event to boot! Low, slow miles for sure…

This week, I have 2 interval workouts on the “schedule” – so we shall see how those go! Summer is here and the heat is going to add another element of stress to my runs – I just hope that my body starts acclimating to the heat over the next couple of weeks!! Bring on the summer running slog…

Weekly Workouts

Monday- An easy, early morning run to start the week. 

I wasn’t necessarily planning on running this morning – tired legs, sore knees and ankles on Sunday…I even text my running buddy and said I might stay home but to still text me when she heads out and I would see how I felt. Her text came around 5:30 saying, “I’m getting ready, on my way soon” or this like. I was not up yet, but from the weather report, it was WARM…so it would take me 10 seconds to get dressed. I decided to go too 🙂 And I am glad that I did!

Today was an easy run – but I am planning on trying to hit my “scheduled” interval workouts this week to see how my body reacts. I haven’t pushed the pace much since my symptoms a couple weeks ago… I have been feeling good since I started the meds so I am going to see how it goes this week!

Tuesday- While I should have shuffled out the door this morning in the mid-60 degree warmth, I decided to get out for a HOTTER lunch run…whyyyyyy. 

I guess I am adding double stress right off the bat this week! Heat AND interval workout… Well, it went well! Yeah, it was HOT…but there was shade. My HR averaged in the mid-150s and was in zone 5 for about half of my workout. Increased stress, check! Now we wait and see if anything goes silly…

Wednesday- A nice morning run to start the day 🙂 I was just lazying around when I got a text from my running buddy and she was just going to stay in this morning… But I knew that there were thunderstorms coming in today and tomorrow. So if I didn’t get out and run this morning, it wasn’t going to happen today…

I quickly got around and headed out the door. My “plan” called for 30 minutes – which I generally translate into 3 miles – and off I went! 

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Thursday- A few morning miles to start the day. I have started being WAY less concerned with my HR this week seeing as I didn’t have any issues with it raised on Monday’s interval workout. While there are days that I do want to keep it close to 140, that isn’t an every day goal. While there is an interval workout planned today, I just took it easy – we had a couple big downhills to play with speed, and a crazy climb to get out blood pumping a little harder 🙂

We got out between storms, before the big stuff hits us later today, but it didn’t stop my running buddy from jinksing us with a mile to go…

Friday- Today is one of those days that I wish I had many miles and several miles to run…the weather is amazing! I “saved” a snake…not really…I think it was crunched a little by something, but not totally smashed… I tossed it into the grass – so if it doesn’t make it, at least it is in a calm environment and not on the pavement… Oh well. At least I didn’t run scared this time. Great start to the day!!

Saturday- I usually like running to the group meet up – but I drove today! Less miles on the docket and I had some pacer sticks to hand off 🙂 

The cool start is something that we are all going to miss…the heat is on!!

Sunday- Starting Mother’s Day off right with a Nature Trail loop out at the Konza Prairie. I planned on going for the Goodwin loop,…but the wind wasn’t fun and I wanted to get home 🙂

Weekly Miles : 40.5 miles

893 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

I am 3 weeks out from Hospital Hill weekend!! I don’t have any goals this coming week…because my next training cycle should be starting… I am going to keep my base going for the next few weeks with longer weekend training runs. Exciting!!

If you would enjoy coming out and playing on the hills of KC as well, use the code “BIBRAVE” at checkout for 10% off your registration (not valid on the family 5K pricing). With the next price increase coming up this week, I urge you to register today and save a little cash!! Use that savings at the Health and Fitness Expo 🙂

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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  1. I’m sorry I’m behind on my reading, but I just read the posts you linked regarding your health. I’m so glad you got the answers to the problems you were having and it was nothing life threatening. The word stroke would send me into a frenzy! It is already way too warm here and I can’t get my HR down no matter how slow I run. Eventually, I hope it will adapt. It seemed to get better as the summer went on last year. We’ll see. Thanks for linking, Lindsey!


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