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SKINS A400 Compression | Review

Disclaimer: I received the SKINS A400 Compression to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

To compression…or not to compression? That is the question! 

In my world, not all compression is created equal. While I have my fair share of socks, sleeves, tops, and pants that have “compression” in their title, I have not felt compression like the SKINS A400 before!

There are so many amazing features and benefits of the SKINS A400 Compression, but here are my top 5! It is Friday after all…

SKINS A400 Compression | Review

SKINS was created by a party boy who wanted to be able to party all night, and ski all day…wouldn’t we all?! This ambitious gent wanted to find a way to work harder and recover faster. With the knowledge that improved blood circulation would help bring more oxygen to his muscles, thus allowing him to work and play harder, SKINS were born!

1 Dynamic Gradient Compression

First and foremost, the compression! The SKINS team has tested the needs of compression gear for years. While most companies test compression when someone standing still, SKINS works hard to accurately measure the compression needs of muscles in motion. As a result, SKINS uses different levels of compression that our muscles require to get the most benefit during activity and exercise recovery. 

SKINS most advanced compression technology increases muscle oxygenation, stabilizes active muscles and reduces blood lactate build up, to enhance performance and speed up recovery time.


Key research findings on SKINS compression (per website) :

  • increases venous return
  • reduces exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD)
  • accelerates recovery processes
  • removes lactic acid faster
  • increases strength and power
  • improves endurance
  • increases muscle oxygenation
  • improves body temperature control
  • reduces in-flight ankle oedema

I have been in the thick of ultra training when I was given the opportunity to try the SKINS A400 Compression. Since I was unsure of how my legs would perform at the 50-mile distance (first timer here!!), I decided to wear them all day! The dynamic gradient compression felt great on my legs and I was able to perform at my best all day!

Now that I am 4 days post race, my legs are feeling great and I am ready to hit the road or trails again! : ) I can’t help but believe that the Dynamic Gradient Compression of the SKINS A400 Compression tights helped reduce the amount of damage my muscles endured for nearly 14 hours of rugged trails.

2 high-rise design

As a woman with a little extra around the middle, I have trouble finding comfortable high-rise designs that don’t accentuate areas that I would rather……not accentuate. 

The flat waistband of the SKINS A400 Compression tights is great! No bulging out the sides and I didn’t have issues with them falling down or riding up. I also didn’t have any issues with rubbing or chafing (which sometimes happens with high rise options)!

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3 ADAPTIVE Technology

The ADAPTIVE Technology of the tights is why I trusted them for my first 50 mile race! 

The ADAPTIVE by HeiQ is a property of the SKINS A400 Compression that controls your temperature like a second skin and uses your body generated heat to regulate your moisture wicking or evaporation needs.

For example, the race last weekend started out with cooler temps in the high 50s. The ADAPTIVE polymer in the SKINS A400 Compression binds with the moisture on my body (aka sweat…), pulling it off my skin and keeps me dry. Throughout the heat of the day, the same ADAPTIVE polymer will then solidify, releasing that previously stored moisture. As the moisture evaporates, it cools my skin!


Isn’t technology amazing!

Cool and collected with my SKINS A400 Compression – first 50 miler!! Photo : mile90


Similar to the ADAPTIVE technology, I wanted to wear my SKINS A400 Compression tights for my long, all-day race for the bonus of full leg UV protection!

As someone who typically runs in the early morning or evening, the UV protection isn’t as big of a deal – but it is still vastly important! We always want to protect our skin from the sun, and finding athletic clothing that has UV ratings is awesome!

Just because it is covered by clothes, doesn’t mean that the sun’s UV rays isn’t penetrating…yeah, who knew?!

Having clothing with a UV rating is like slathering sun screen on your body before putting your clothes on…but without the mess : ) I was able to run in the heat and sun all day without my legs getting sun burned!

5 Reflective SKINS logos

If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for reflectivity on active wear! As mentioned before, I run mostly in the dark hours and reflective gear is a must! The more gear with “built in” reflective elements, the better!

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The Verdict

The SKINS A400 Compression is a winner in my book!

Any gear that can help me charge through 50 tough miles and be able to run again within a week has my vote.

The compression held muscles in all the right places, and without cutting off my circulation…which is great : )

The waistband is flattering and well-crafted to prevent chafing. 

I look forward to seeing how the SKINS A400 Compression performs this fall. With cooler temps on the horizon, I could sure use the extra support and comfort at all times of the day and night!

Through all the compression gear I have in my arcenal, the SKINS A400 Compression keeps my legs feeling fresh and ready to run! 

Bring on the miles!!

Official SKINS™ ShopDo you like what you see and would like to get a pair of SKINS gear for less? You can use the code “BIBRAVE20” for 20% off your order through the end of October! (exception: only available on full price items)

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16 thoughts on “SKINS A400 Compression | Review

  1. I haven’t tried Skins. I’m on the fence as to whether or not I like compression for running. It’s good to hear that it helped with your recovery from the ultra. (Congrats by the way in finishing the Ultra).

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  2. Those look awesome and sound awesome. I was just chafed by my running leggings this past weekend so I might have to consider these – I need some non-chafing attire!

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