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KCM mini w4 | Weekly Workouts

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This is the last full week of training before the Kansas City Marathon next weekend! The weather has been crazy, summer to winter temps, and rain to boot! It’s too bad that the weather is supposed to warm up on race week…so at least I got in some heat training this week!

Weekly Workouts

Monday- OFF – While I planned on getting my interval run in the morning, I needed a little more sleep. Also, I would have missed out on snuggling my little man… Since we were away for the weekend and he stayed with Nana/Papa, he may have missed us just a little : )

Tuesday- Pushing a stroller is NEVER fun…juts putting it out there (or maybe I need a stroller with a jet pack, that would be fun!). Whenever I go for the local group runs on Tuesday evenings, I take little man in the stroller… Flat, paved courses are great! Hilly, gravel courses are not as great…and that is EXACTLY what we ran tonight : ) 

We met up at the Liquid Art Winery for week 2 of our Brew Tour group run series. The winery sits atop a MONSTER hill…with gravel roads surrounding the “off the beaten path” location. 

Run : 2.5+ group run

Wednesday- I planned to run this morning, but the 30s kept me warm in my bed… I am ready for the cooler fall temps, not freezing winter temps! I packed up my bag and headed to work with the intention to have a hard RUNch of hills and intervals! Yes, it was hard. And I over-dressed…so it was HOT. Run and DONE!

Run : 5 miles (intervals + hills)

Thursday- While my runs this week haven’t aligned with the schedule, all the runs are accounted for! I knew that I wanted to run today…so I packed my RUNch bag and headed to work. This time, I packed a little smarter and didn’t overheat! I wanted this run to be super easy, but when you are trying to increase your cadence, sometimes you just go too fast…so it was a little harder than I wanted…but still felt good at faster speeds! I started my Run Go App as I left work so I would have another “work run” course to come back to later : )

Run : 3+ warm RUNch miles

Friday- OFF

Saturday- The bad morning weather didn’t let up much throughout the day…so we stayed in and dry!

Sunday- The weekend cannot end without a “long” run! I started the day meeting up with a local group run for a “quick 6”. Most weeks, I am the caboose of the running train…but since I needed some quicker miles (and there were only 6 miles needed today), I stuck with the other runners. There was ever a point were I was the lead runner for around a mile! Yeah…that won’t happen again…

After the mid-day football game, the hubs wanted to get out for an hour…so the cousin came along as well! We started around dusk and ended in the dark!

Run : 6 quick morning group run miles + 6 easy evening family miles

Weekly Miles : 23 miles

1860 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

RACE WEEK is next week!! EEKK!! Let the standard taper-crazy thoughts continue…

Have you registered for the Kansas City Marathon on October 21st? If not, there is still time! Register online and use the offer “BIBRAVE17” at checkout for 15% off your KCM distance of choice! If too late, you can still register at the expo! 

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I’ll see you on course! I’ll be sporting the BibRave ORANGE! 

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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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11 thoughts on “KCM mini w4 | Weekly Workouts

  1. Wow looks like a great week of runs! I don’t have kids so I’ve never run with a stroller but I bet it’s hard… good luck for these last few tapering days and I hope the marathon goes well! I look forward to reading about it next week 🙂

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  2. I never had to run with a stroller (didn’t run back then) but I can’t imagine pushing one on gravel! The Brew Tour series sounds like a super fun social run. I also like the name of that winery…Liquid Art. Thanks for linking!

    Liked by 1 person

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