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#tbt | that time we went to CO for a wedding…

Life can get sooooo busy sometimes…and then blog posts that have TONS of beautiful pictures go to the wayside and more life happens…and so on.

Story of my life lately!

This week, I am Thinking Out Loud about our trip to Colorado in September for a wonderful wedding weekend! Here is the very picture heavy post!


#tbt | that time we went to CO for a wedding…


We started our trip to Colorado bright and early on Friday. Through 8+ hours of rain, construction, and miles of open fields, we ended up at Wellington Lake, Colorado. 


We settled into our campsite, set up our tent (a race for the hubs and his dad), and wandered around the area to see what we could see. 


Yes, those are bear marks on those trees…and yes, I was anxious that a bear was going to pop onto our campsite at any time…

With a shot of whisky in handmade tiny cups, we were ready to start the weekend! 


The remainder of the first night was spent with family and friends camping for the weekend. We had a big dinner and spent the evening counting stars and praying for no bears (was that just me?!…probably).



I was up bright and early to get in one of my weekend runs : ) I explored the camping areas, ran along the lake, and then headed back. I needed to put in more miles, but the hubs and I planned a little hike after breakfast, so I saved a little energy for that.


Once I got back from my run, the men were starting to make breakfast, the little boys were playing in the dirt, and everyone was starting to get up for the day. The views at our campsite were amazing!


After breakfast, the hubs and I set out for our hike up to the Castle. Whatever it is, there is a mountain trail that links right up to our campsite, so we started heading up! The views were amazing and I was able to test out my new little gadget – a selfie stick!


Once we got back to camp, it was fun telling people where we went : ) Selfies with everyone (or at least my in-laws)!


Little man went down for a nap and we all just hung around for a few hours. We weren’t quite sure when the wedding started (a little misunderstanding with the invite) but we were ready!


Time to get ready for a wedding! Since the wedding was right behind where out campsite was, we just had to walk down the shoreline to get seated.


Wedding time!


The ceremony was beautiful and unique – and I wish we would have been married at the lake! Such a pretty area! 

Once the ceremony was over, the wedding party all went back up the beach and the guests stayed. We were given bird seed to sprinkle the bride/groom with when they came back…that didn’t turn out well… Then the took their first boat ride as a web-couple : ) Too fun!


While we waited for them to return, we went over to the reception area across the street – or a neighboring campground. There was dinner and drinks, bonfires to keep warm, and lots of people to meet and talk to : )


The night ended with some wonderful toasts, yummy s’mores, and a nice cold rain… Yep, we got rained on for a bit. No one really cared too much. I grabbed my rain coat (and little man’s) and headed back to the party. 

Not an early night getting to bed, but not too late considering there were people up chatting and milling around for quite a while after we hit the tent : )



What better way to warm up on a cool morning than go for a morning run! (duh…) Too bad the elevation was getting to me and I only did a small percentage of my scheduled run. Totally fine…just game me more time to spend with family when I got back.


Again, when I returned, breakfast was ready for the eating! Little man and Nana wandered off for a while when the guys started breaking down the campsites.


I thought we were going to stay Sunday night as well (since Monday is a holiday), but we were going to head home today – that is until we were invited to stay in Denver with the in-laws for the evening. Sure thing! Hot water, shower, yes please! We soon hit the road! We stopped at a park for lunch, and then headed to the hotel for the evening!


Little man and Papa’s first stop, the swimming pool!

The hubs and my first stop was going to be a liquor store, but we ended up at a brewery (and then the liquor store). 


We spent the evening out to dinner with Papa & Nana nad then walked around the area while we all digested our food…and then some ice cream… (p.s. trying to take a good picture with my hubs is like herding cats…it just doesn’t happen!)


We spent the rest of the night relaxing in our hotel rooms…and then all hanging out (and stinking up) my in-laws room : ) Family : )


Start with a run, fill in with lots of driving miles and dinner at Gella’s (our favorite stop), and finishing up at home!






But an amazing weekend with family and friends! Thank you Becci & Ian for inviting us to share in your special weekend! We loved every minute of it! And a big thank you to my in-laws for taking care of us Sunday evening/Monday with the hotel and watching little man while we explored a little : ) 

If you stuck around reading this, THANK YOU!! I hope you liked some of the pictures of our adventure! Pictures hardly give the experience and beautiful views justice!


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