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Disclaimer: I received Health Warrior Chia Bars & Coloring Book to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


I have really been looking for small ways to clean up my eating and snacking. When thinking about healthy snack options, I have a few items I like to be able to check : 

  • simple ingredients
  • healthy foods
  • easy on-the-go option

I have been adding chia seeds to my smoothies for quite a while but I have not tried them in the form of a bar. 

When I was given the opportunity to try Health Warrior Chia Bars, I jumped at the chance to try a new (to me) healthy snack! 

Health Warrior Chia Bars

The company Health Warrior was founded seven years ago in 2010 by a couple of former collegiate athletes. Their mindset on food changed from “calories to burn during workouts” in college to “quality over quantity” as working professionals. 

Similar to many other runners, they were inspired by the book Born To Run and discovered the chia seed – the superfood base for the Health Warrior Chia Bars.

Starting with the a chia seed superfood base, Health Warrior works hard to mix up some of the most nutrient-dense foods to provide our bodies with a tasty, low calorie snack! Some of the the superfoods Health Warrior uses are :

quinoa     yellow peas     oats     pumpkin seeds     
cacao     cinnamon     chocolate     wildflower honey
cherries     turmeric     coconut     almonds

A little about the superfood chia seeds :

  • absorb a great amount of water and can help you stay hydrated (and full) while out on a long training run or race
  • low in sugar and high in fiber
  • once-for-once, chia seeds have more protein than an egg
  • packed with Omega-3 and other nutrients
  • …good for you!!


I was sent the Apple Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate bars to try, as well as a special surprise – the Marathon Training Coloring Book! 

The first thing I noticed when opening the Health Warrior Chia Bars was the density of the amount of chia seeds in the bars! I surely don’t add as many chia seeds to my smoothies as there are in these bars…or so it seems. They are packed!

The next thing I enjoyed seeing was the CHUNKS of flavor! Both the Apple Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate had big chunks of apples and dark chocolate throughout the entire bar. 

I enjoyed the bars so much that I went online and bought a couple of the multi-pack boxes, more flavors to try…and possibly more to come. : )

Also, I just needed to restock my stash for my upcoming race schedule. These bars have been a great addition to my long run fueling strategy and I look forward to adding them to my drop bags this coming year!

Between little man and I, we both can stay fueled on the go! 


Marathon Training Coloring Book

One of the fun adds to this review is the humorous coloring book included with the chia bars.

Have you trained for a half or full (or longer) race?

The pages in this book will make you giggle (and sometimes cringe) and I felt like I was saying “been there, done that” at every turn of the page… 

Nothing better than taking a coloring session break at work to make the day go by a little faster : )

img_2211With the MANY flavors that Health Warrior offers in their Chia Bars, you are sure to find a flavor that you like!

As I mentioned before, I ordered a couple of the multi-packs online – 15 bars for $15.99 (free shipping for orders over $25).

If you want to give Health Warrior a try before you buy, you can try a sampler box of 3 bars for $4.99 (free shipping).  This way, you can try the Health Warrior Chia bars, Pumpkin Seed bars, or Protein Bars to see what you like. I have also seen that they are selling various flavors of Health Warrior at Target (although not at my local store).

Want to try them for yourself and receive an entertaining coloring book? Head on over to the Health Warrior website and use the special “Show Now” link to get the free coloring book with your online purchase!

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