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Run Toto Run 50K w9 | training for 100M

Another week down! While my weekend of running didn’t go as planned (when does it ever), I was able to get in some good miles through the week! Coming up on a weekend pacing event, maybe a week with lower miles than needed was a good thing… We shall see next week!

weekly workouts : week 9 (jan 22)

Monday- OFF (1 walking mile)
Today is a day off – a welcome day off since I probably pushed a little too hard in my run last night (Garmin told me to rest for over 40 hours…ouch – but it felt good!!). I went for a cold, snowy walk to the store and then back to work. 

Tuesday- miles
Ice. Snow. Slick… While the temps were manageable, the slippage was a little more interesting. I wore my trail shoes rather than my road shoes to try and limit the amount of slipping – and it worked out well! 

There’s nothing like the sigh of disappointment when you THINK you are done with your miles for the day to look at your Garmin and see that the 6-6.5 mile loop you ran was only 5…and you still have more to go… Hmmmff. Oh well, at least my running buddy wasn’t too disappointed about the “extra”… *mental note : recheck routes and distances*

Thursday-miles 5 miles + 0.3 mile walking (next to little man riding his bike)
I hit the trails over lunch today. It was a beautiful afternoon and I didn’t want to miss it! Since I didn’t get as far with little man on the bike (and it was cooling off), I decided to add my missing miles to this weekends runs (probably tomorrow).

Friday-2 miles 10 miles (2 miles on the schedule, 3 from yesterday, 5 from tomorrow’s run)
My future-thinking self remembered that I am pacing a half marathon next weekend…one long 22 miler this weekend might be a bit much for my legs this weekend. Soooo, I decided to break up my long run into 2 days…plus the miles that I needed anyway…

Today was my big Detach testing day! I drank a bottle 30 minutes before my run, kept a bottle of Coconut+ in my hydration pack, and made a post-run smoothie/shake with it as well! Check out my blog post from last week about this light, crisp coconut water based pre/mid workout beverage 🙂 You can even save a little ordering online!

Saturday-22 miles 16 miles
While I was “fully prepped” for my run, I still left the house just a little later than I wanted. If I got out on time, I would have ran all 17 miles. Since I got out a little late, I was able to get in 16 before needing to be home! Not too bad! Too bad my legs were sure tired the last 4 miles – a constant battle with myself to just run home, calculating miles at every turn, and talking myself into not short-cutting the last couple turns to get the miles I needed… 

Sunday-10 miles OFF
With tired legs from yesterday, I decided to sleep in. I wasn’t sure when I would be able to get in the miles – Sunday is for family/little man. While the hubs is out watching football, little man is napping…and I am not running. I tried to make plans to meet up with my running buddy, but little man was still asleep when the time came to go run…so I just settled into the couch and watched some TV. While weather in the 40s isn’t too bad, I didn’t really feel like taking him out in the stroller… After a long day and a comment of “I was going to try and talk you into staying home with us” from the hubs, I decided to forego my run all together. You win some, and you win some – the extra family time was priceless : )

Weekly Miles : 44 miles
Training Miles : 347 miles
Annual Miles : 167 miles (goal = 2,018 in 2018)

Next Week’s Projected Workouts

Monday- OFF
Tuesday- miles
Wednesday-10 miles
Saturday-22 miles (Chocolate Rush Half pacing 2:55 group + 9 post-race)
Sunday-10 miles

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout
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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

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