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Hawk100 w13 + RnRChicago w7 | training for 100M

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It’s race week! Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago is this weekend and I am excited to explore a new city! It looks like the miles this week are a little funny…but I’ll take it! Last weekend’s long runs wore me out…

I am deep in Hawk 100 training – and I am feeling pretty good! My foot has been bothering me a little on longer runs – so I need to get that figured out soon!

Let’s run!

weekly workouts : week 13 (july 16)

Scheduled : OFF
Actual : OFF + cardio

Scheduled : 5am/5pm miles
Actual : 5am miles + cardio

My morning didn’t start off so well…mostly just waking up in the dark needing to get out for a morning run. I headed out but wasn’t really feeling all that great. My legs were heavy (from more elevation change in one day – Saturday – than I have gotten in weeks) and I couldn’t get out of my own head. When I was ready to throw in the towel and run home, I spotted my running buddy out on her own morning jaunt! I turned around and headed back with her – not necessarily expecting to continue with my run. I ran with her back to her house and then set out again.

This time, I spotted a loose dog… No biggie, but she looked a little nervous and I didn’t want to spook her. She came right up to me and stayed near a neighboring yard. I left her there (thinking that was her home) and went along on my run, but she was then running with me…so I stopped and checked her tags again for the phone numbers. I called her people (close to where I saw her the first time) but then she darted away. After a little running around, I was able to get her back home and I was left with a little more energy to get the rest of my morning miles in. 

I packed up a lunch run bag, but with some funny business weather, I wasn’t able to get out. I finished the workday with good intention to get out and go for an evening run – but time at home won that battle.

Scheduled : 3 miles
Actual : 4.1 miles

Due to going into work EARLY, I opted for a lunch run – but since I needed to take my car into the shop [regular maintenance], I went for a run while I waited. #multitasking 

Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and nature

Scheduled : 6 miles
Actual : 1 mile + cardio

The cards didn’t align for me well today…mixed rain, thunderstorms, and weird weather kept us in most of the day…but little and I were able to get out for an evening mile. 

Scheduled : 4 miles
Actual : 6.5 miles

A busy day in KC with my dad and family. I almost ran quite a bit more, but dinner was ready and I didn’t care to run more after…plus I have some fun running to do this weekend!

Scheduled : 15 miles
Actual : 1 mile + 14 miles

Travel Day! I am heading to Chicago today for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon! Exciting! I planned on possibly getting a couple miles in this morning before my flight, but I just lazied around…so I needed to get in 15 while in the windy city!

When I got to my bnb, I quickly realized that I didn’t have anything to drink…so my first stop was a grocery/convenience store. I found a Walgreens close and made up my first mile getting nearly lost getting there and back (should have only been 1/2 mile round trip…ha!). After I was set with fluids, I headed out!…and after my first mile or so, realized that I also didn’t “lube up”…darnit! I quickly searched the area for running stores and there was one about a mile away, closing in like 15 minutes. So I booked it to the Fleet Feet shop and got some Body Glide. That’s better! 

Now that I am on the road and not running errands, I made my way to Millennium Park, Maggie Daley Park, up and down Navy Pier, along the Lakefront Trail, and Northerly Island Park before heading back. Such a full, fun day!

Scheduled : 15 miles
Actual : 3.75 miles +13.6 miles + 2.75 miles

I originally thought that I was only a mile or so from the race start..nope, more like 2.5-3 – but that is totally fine by me! I headed out early and made it with quite a bit of time to spare before the start. My not-so-great idea was to try and meet up with 2 groups before the start for a group shot…the first one wasn’t quite account for, so I went to the second and they had already dispersed, and then I couldn’t find either group at the starting area. Oh well…We all made our way to the finish!

No automatic alt text available.

It started out a calm morning, but started pouring (a couple times) before the race really started. Since I put 2skin all over my arms, legs and feet, I wasn’t too worried about the constant wet and rain. The rain really cut the humidity and cooled us off from the brief warmth between storms. All in all, a fun morning! (full review to come)

Weekly Miles : 52 miles
RnRChicago Miles : 427 miles
100m Training Miles : 763 miles
Annual Miles : 1412 miles (goal = 2,018 in 2018)

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout
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How did your training week go?

What are you training for?

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17 thoughts on “Hawk100 w13 + RnRChicago w7 | training for 100M

  1. You did great navigating a new city! I’m so glad we connected this weekend. It was great getting to know you a little bit more! Hopefully this won’t be the last time.


  2. Wow! You did get your miles done on Saturday afternoon. I was hoping the race would take us along the lakefront. You definitely got your sightseeing done on foot. It was very nice to meeting you and spending time together at the blogger brunch and expo. Thanks for linking!


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