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Disclaimer: I received pjuractive 2skin to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Recently, I posted about the five things I dislike about running – but somehow I keep going back for more. The biggest dislike about running is the possible chafing that can happen anytime, anywhere! 

As a runner, there are a lot of body parts and clothes that move around and rub. Any two moving things rubbing against one another equals possible chafe. 

  • hydration pack on my shoulders
  • sport bra around my rib cage and/or back
  • waist band from my shorts
  • bicep against my side / arm pit area
  • thigh gap (lack thereof)
  • socks/shoes against my feet

Pick your poison! I have had them all…and then some…

With lots of miles on the road, trail, and treadmill training for my first 100 miler this year, I need to be sure to have some kind of lubricant in my workout bag to deter the dreaded chafe. Through the years, I have tried several different name and off brand varieties, but they all leave me desiring something better. Often they are :

  • too chalky
  • too goopy
  • makes my hands slimy
  • fades fast and leaves me chafing anyway…

I may have found the best solution yet! I was given the opportunity to test pjuractive 2skin as a BibRave Pro. Let’s see how it went!



Located in Germany, pjur manufactures and markets high end health and beauty products in more than 50 countries. In fact, pjur is the first company to develop and market a silicone lubricant! 

pjuractive | 2skin

Pjuractive 2skin is a anti-chafing gel. The gel acts like a second skin and creates a thin protective layer preventing rubbing and chafing from occurring. Plus, it is super easy to apply : 

  • Put a few drops on your fingertips
  • Apply 2skin gel to your problem areas (see above for a few of mine)
  • Leave the skin exposed for 10 seconds to allow it to dry
  • Put on clothing (if required)
  • GO RUN!

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No matter what rubs you, 2skin can protect your skin from chafing or blistering against your gear, clothing, or other skin. And when the weather gets super cold or way too hot, 2skin will protect your skin in temperatures from -30C°/-22F° and +60C°/140F°! 

Here are some of the benefits of using pjuractive 2skin (via website) : 

  • Does not clog the pores
  • Water resistant & sweat resistant = ultra long lasting
  • Dermatologically approved
  • Simple & precise application = a little goes a long way!
  • Ideal for hot & cold temperatures
  • Offers protection with no irritating features
  • For all areas of the body
  • Perfect for on the go and various product sizes for various uses


My Experience

From the first time I ran with pjuractive 2skin, I was hooked!

The gel dispenses easily into my hand (yep, used too much…live and learn!) and I applied it lightly to the areas I need protection the most – my inner thighs and the backs of my arms. After a few seconds to let it absorb, I was ready to run! My hands didn’t feel greasy, my thighs didn’t stick together or to my shorts, and I didn’t even notice that they were touching through my 4 mile run!

The ultimate seal of approval happened after the run in the questionable relaxing post run shower…no stinging lava water, no problems! 


The second run with pjuractive 2skin was also another treadmill run – story of my winter running life. This time I doubled the distance from my first run with 8 miles of intervals – or at least alternating the speed and incline and I added a new variable of a new hydration pack.

Again, the application of 2skin was easy on my problem areas, and I kept the bottle in my pack at the treadmill just in case I needed a second application or felt a hot spot starting.

Good news!! I didn’t need any additional applications and the NEW hydration pack didn’t chafe at all!

Even though I could outline all of my runs with pjuractive 2skin, I will spare you, and the plot line is all the same :

  • easy application – WIN
  • no chafing or blisters – WIN WIN
  • no lava water in the shower post run – WIN WIN WIN



I have used pjuractive 2skin for nearly every run in some way, shape, or form :  

  • On my shoulders – to prevent chafing from my pack or reflective vest
  • On the back and bottom of my arms – to prevent chafing from the swinging of my arms against my shirt
  • Around my waist – when I wear my running belt, it sometimes will chafe around my midsection; not anymore!
  • On my thighs…duh
  • On my feet – to prevent my feet from getting blistered when wet/cold (outside/road/trails) or hot/sweaty (inside/treadmill)

I am very happy to report that I have had no chafing issues! I have also found that keeping the little pjuractive 2skin in my hydration pack, I have piece of mind in case I forgot to lube up or if something starts to go bad while out on a run… 

While I have really enjoyed using this product, there is one pitfall. The biggest drawback I have is that pjuractive 2skin is just another product that I need to use my hand/fingers to apply. If pjuractive came out with a “gel roller” of 2skin, this anti-chaffing product would be the absolute best!! No mess, no fuss!

Either way, I look forward to continuing to use 2skin through my current 50K training cycle, next marathon cycle, and beyond! Way beyond!! Like this summer when 2skin will be put to a much bigger test – keeping my thighs happy and my feet blister free in the sweat-sweat-sweaty summer heat while training for my first 100 miler!

Bring it!!

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