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spring training | week 6

With the weather taking us for another chilly ride early this past week, I am hoping to get outside for some lunch run miles later in the week (hello 40 degrees!!)! I have some running events in my future and the treadmill isn’t going to suffice…

I have some running plans for this spring and then in the fall…but we’ll see what all gets accomplished. I am not in complete control of my body at this point – but here is what is on the calendar in 2019 :

  • Garmin Half Marathon (4/13/19) – I signed up for the half marathon and I plan to run intervals and see how everything is feeling
  • Bill Snyder Highway Half (5/25/19) – pace the 3:00 finishers; which I hope isn’t too ambitious…we will see after Garmin
  • Hospital Hill (6/1/19) – I am planning on running the 10K as a BibRave Pro! Come and run with me, any distance really, and save with the discount code BIBRAVE19 – good for 10% off!
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  • Kansas City Marathon (10/19/19) – I am planning on running/walking the half marathon as a BibRave Pro! Come and run with me, any distance really, and save with the discount code BIBRAVE2019KCM – good for 15% off (price increase 3/18!!)
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While ALL of these PLANS are in my calendar, plans don’t always go as planned… I have high hopes that this pregnancy will allow me to run to my heart (and legs) content! Let’s see how this week went!

weekly workouts : week 6

Scheduled : 45 minute run
Actual : T20 Balanced — I am finally DONE with T20!! I am not quite sure I earned that last sticker…but I finished the program, so I deserve the darn sticker! Little man was so excited that I put another sticker on my step…I think I am going to wake up one day with his sticker book of stickers all over that beast… No picture from the “fun”, haha!

Scheduled : no plan
Actual : Turbo Fire (starting) — Somehow, I woke up with my alarm (magic!). So I set out to find a workout program that I saw a fellow prego-momma doing online the day before. It is called Turbo Fire — and even though I couldn’t find a “set plan” for the program right away, I wanted to get started! I had a fun time, great calorie burn, and I look forward to mastering some of the sequences!

Scheduled :  45 minute run
Actual : Turbo Fire (HIIT 20 Low) — It’s day 2 of feeling good, waking up early! Trend?? We shall see…I am good at jinxing the morning workouts after a few days. Either way, I didn’t get up with QUITE as much time, so I picked out a 20 minute workout…and it felt great! An added bonus for the day? The temps will get into the 40s!! So I feel an afternoon run coming on!! Maybe…

Scheduled : “cross training”
Actual : 4 miles — A beautiful day for a run!! That is all!

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Scheduled :  no plan
Actual : 3.35 miles –With less sun, I wasn’t as convinced that I would be able to get out for a run, but I made it happen! Yeah!

Scheduled : 90 minute run
Actual : standing around and walking for 12 hours

The weather didn’t want to shape up early…so I didn’t get in a workout or run. But I did volunteer at a local children’s consignment sale ALL DAY — 8:30am to 8:30pm. Made a couple bucks, got little man a couple things, got the baby a couple things — good day overall!

Scheduled : no plan
Actual : OFF — taking some major downtime today after yesterday’s “on feet” all day. I took 2 little naps and took our kitty’s glucose levels every 1-2 hours throughout the day…

Tomorrow is another day and with the daylight savings time change, I am not excited for what the morning will bring…

Miles, miles, miles! Check out the weekly workout 
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 How did your training week go?
What are you training for?
I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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