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A new week! My running buddy has some major taper miles this week…so we shall see how the miles go! My next pacing event is this coming weekend – so I will be cutting back just a little as well.

These next few weeks are going to fly by and Hospital Hill is going to be here before I know it! While this mini-training cycle is set for the HH weekend, my 50-mile training cycle has started as well! The miles are super low at this point, so I will jump right in the first full week of June 🙂

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Workout Recap Monday- no workout Tuesday- 42.8 miles biked with The United Relay of America The hubs dropped me off in Abilene in the morning and I spent the day biking from Abilene, through Chapman, through Junction City (a hiccup in the route due to the military base…bummer), drove to Ogden and started back up to… Continue reading #unitedrelay | Weekly Workouts

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In the past, I would consider myself a “Bling Chaser”…I love the bling reward at the end of a good race! Even if the race sucked, the BLING makes it a little more worth the pain. With the new age of virtual races, chasing the BLING is a lot easier! Here are a few of… Continue reading favorite metals | Tuesdays on the Run