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It is isn’t on Strava, did it even happen??

Most would say, “Of course it happened!” But as an athlete, I feel compelled to sync my workouts to just about any platform that will sync with my Garmin — including Strava.

Do you Strava?
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We’re going STREAKING!

Have you tested your fitness with a run streak? I did last year and made it roughly 100 days before it ended…and I have friends that are thousands of days into their streaks! Crazy!

You don’t need to run thousands of days in a row to participate in the BibRave Run Streak…

From May 1st (TODAY!!) – 31st, the BibRave Run Club on Strava is hosting a Run Streak!

All you need to do is open a Strava account, sync your device and/or phone with the app, and run or walk 1 mile a day… Easy!

By joining the group and syncing your workouts to Strava, you can join in the fun and follow along the miles!

My fellow BibRave Pro’s are also digging into the Strava platform (some are also streaking in May!)! Be sure to check them out and give them a follow :

Danielle Juan Katie Amanda W Angie Aubrene Amanda S Christine Christi Courtney Shannon Amy W Gigi Amy P Ryan Jeff Jenna Jeremy Jessica Katy Kim T Mai Maria Mark Megan Melissa F Mindy Rory Randy Daysi Nacole Samantha Scotty Stacy Stephanie G Tim M Mary Jo Tim S Scott S

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