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SIS REGO Rapid Recovery Protein | Review

Let me be honest. When I get home from a run…I KNOWWWW I should be eating or drinking something to help with my muscle recovery but it just doesn’t happen all that often. Yes, it is pure laziness and I just don’t have the energy to make anything… When the opportunity came up to try a workout recovery drink, my interest was peaked. I opted in to test the Science In Sport Rapid Recovery sport recovery supplement and hoped having a “quick” option for nutrition after my harder workouts would benefit my recovery.


cosmic brownie + chia pudding | WIAW

Wednesday – what did I eat? Well…it was a little random, but that is what I do best! Without a lot of prepping over the weekend, there is some interesting meals/snacks happening this week! [drinks] lemon water, decaf coffee w/creamer, 32 oz water X 3 + 1/2 tab of Nuun lemon lime [breakfast] egg bake… Continue reading cosmic brownie + chia pudding | WIAW