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jerky + “ballball” | Weekend Wrap

Well, this week has been busy…and my weekend wrap just kept getting pushed aside (I need to be better about posting it EARLY)! Oh well…at least it is done 🙂


I was up at the crack of dawn hours before the crack of dawn and I decided to start the jerky marinade process – 12-24 hours of sitting needed to start at 4 am, obviously!

Even through I was up by 4 am, that didn’t mean that I got out the door on time. Since I was a little late (yes, even this early!!), I was still able to run to the group run meet up location on time. The 3 mile run to the park, followed by 6 miles behind with the group (notice I don’t run with the group,…turtle power!), another 1.5 or so behind with the group, then I set my sights on home!

I got home in time for the little guy to be waking up and wanting to get around. we had “breakfast” while watching a movie…and then I got started in the kitchen. Snack time was not too far behind either…

I made lunch for the hubs, took lunch to the hubs, stopped by the grocery store for a few necessities, came back in time for a nap for little man…and since he thought that he didn’t need a long nap, he was up and helping me with laundry and the dishes a little over an hour later.

I started prepping dinner earlier than I needed to, but oh well,…my internal clock was a little off – I should have gone down for a nap as well! I was trying a Cheesy Ham and Rice Casserole – I should have used regular rice and not brown rice, live and learn!

While I cooked, the little man found ways to keep himself busy – a movie is just background noise these days, he would rather be making a mess or playing.

After dinner, the hubs and I sat down and worked on our puzzle project a little more. We started this puzzle sometime after Christmas (since that was when he gave it to me) and we have only sat down and worked on it a couple of times. Most of the time, I am keeping little grabby hands from running off with the loose pieces…


Good morning sunshine! I was planning on getting up and getting my recovery run in EARLY, but that just didn’t happen…and really, it didn’t happen at all!


Little man is ready to do some baking! Banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to start 🙂

Making granola bars with the little man…

Then we finished up the venison jerky – started the day before.

Then we prepped some vegetables and dip for the superbowl party!

At the Superbowl party, we had a case of the shy-little-guy for like 10 minutes, then Matt came up with some toys/games for the little guy to play with. I noticed that he was getting red faced and hot, so I put his hair up…I can’t say this is the first time I have put his hair in a ponytail – and it will probably not be the last (good thing he has a hair cut scheduled this weekend!) Before leaving, he was sure to tell little Brooke night-night 🙂

Once we got home, I put the little man to bed. Since I completely missed my workout for the day, I “made up” for it with some active recovery before heading to bed myself.


How was your weekend? Are you a football fan?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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