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Running Playlists

For this weeks’ Tuesday on the Run, we are linking up to look into our music selection while we hit the trail, road, ‘mill, etc.

Ever since I got my Garmin, I have not relied on my phone to provide me with running stats – and since I wasn’t using it for that purpose, I started listening to the music less as well! Don’t get me wrong, music is a great resource for me to keep the running beat so I can keep pace, but I have found myself more comfortable listening to everything around me… And I am less likely to get hit by a car or another runner because I didn’t hear them coming…

I almost always listen to music or a podcast when I am running on a treadmill, but when I am outside, I would rather listen to the world J

I have a couple go to playlists on my Spotify app that I listen to when I am feeling up for music.

Early morning run – “Sunrise Run” – this is a nice, upbeat, calming list



Long run – “8-Minute Mile” (not that it would happen any time soon!) – this is a great upbeat, kick butt, keep pace (for me) playlist



For this week’s running update, I’m linking up with Patty of My No-Guilt Life, Marcia of Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and Erika of MCM Mama Runs for Tuesday’s on the Run.

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