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long run + big buck expo | Weekend Wrap

This was a snowy week (nothing compared to the North East)…and a relaxed weekend! The weather held out a little bit for my long run Saturday morning,…it was supposed to get down to the single digits (noooooo…!) but stayed in the 20s 🙂 The little man and I took it fairly easy Saturday…no nap was on his agenda, which just made for a super tired little guy by the time the hubs got home from work. Sunday, the hubs took us to Topeka for the Big Buck Expo – little man liked seeing all of the deer and people, but wasn’t too happy to be trapped in the stroller…

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How did your weekend go? Have you started training for any 2016 races? How is your winter running going? brrrrrr…

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10 thoughts on “long run + big buck expo | Weekend Wrap

  1. Wow so much to see at the expo! My family would love that. They actually sit out in the cold snow and wait to shoot things. Sounds nuts to me but they love it =P I am training for a couple races this year, but mostly I am enjoying working on speed play on the treadmill because the cold is intense! Happy Monday!


  2. Oh my seeing the picture of little man riding the dog, makes me think back to a collie my great grandmother had named Buster. That dog rode more of us kids than the mule plowed miles and that is saying a lot! Too funny! I also tried the coconut oil in the coffee for the first time last night. Wow, I couldn’t believe how creamy it was and I didn’t need any sweetener either! What are your thoughts on it? Appreciate you linking up with us too! 🙂


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