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This is another edition of What I Ate Wednesday with Jen @peasandcrayons and the whole WIAW gang! Check out the link for more meal ideas from fellow bloggers! Also, if you are here for the March Into Spring Giveaway Hop, you can go to A Few of My Favorite Things post!

Well, this week starts a new cycle of Carb Cycling for me! I really started mid-last week, but this is the first full week! This time around, I am doing the “athletic performance” cycle – rather than the “turbo cycle”. The turbo cycle was the one that I worked with last year when I was trying hard to lose weight. Now that the weight is mostly still gone, I am not looking to go crazy – the athletic performance cycle has mostly high carb days – and we all know how much runners LOVE those carbs!!

As long as I am eating smart, this should be fun and easy! While I am not perfect, this was a pretty good day!

Today is a High Carb day – so my meals should consist of a protein + carb + vegetables!

The hubs is in awe of how much food I eat on this “plan”…but it is more of a habit to start eating more vegetables and better portion my protein and carbs!


[drinks] water (32oz bottle) x3 at work + coffee on ice + Nuun All Day + Nuun w/caffeine (pre/post workout) 

[breakfast] protein drink (chocolate protein powder + banana + PBFit + water/ice)

IMG_8407While I had a lot of intention of getting up and running before work, that just didn’t happen. The daylight-savings didn’t affect me much on Sunday, but it hit me hard Monday morning! I didn’t ROLL out of bed until nearly 7am! For anyone who knows my morning routine, this is SOOOO LATE!! I threw together meals and snacks for the day – and quickly blended a protein drink before running out the door!

[morning snack] greek yogurt + Nektar Honey Crystals + apple + celery

IMG_8411One of my go-to snacks on high carb days is yogurt with an apple and celery! My deductions are as follows – apple is good with peanut butter, celery is good with peanut butter, apple is good with yogurt, celery should be good with yogurt…and the apple + yogurt + celery snack is now a regular in the carb cycle meal/snack routine! I generally eat plain Greek yogurt, so the dash of honey or honey crystals helps take a little of the bite of the PLAIN yogurt away 🙂

[lunch] egg whites + roasted sweet potato + cucumber

I thought about taking a run before I ate lunch, but I just didn’t time it well…and I was hungry! Being hungry before a run wouldn’t make for a good run… So I switched my afternoon snack and lunch around… 

[afternoon run] 5 miles

Since I snoozed too many times this morning, I opted for a lunch run. When I started, it felt fast, and it was (for me)!…but it felt good. I ran 3 miles at or around that pace 🙂 Then I ran 1.5 miles at a slower, easy pace – and finished walking the last 0.5 mile back to work.


[afternoon snack] cottage cheese + summer squash + tomato + Mandarin orange

Some post run YUMM… I warmed up the summer squash and tomatoes (I made this sometime last week) because I have never really ate summer squash raw – nor am I sure that is how you SHOULD eat it… Rather than pre-cooking the squash (since that makes for a soggy meal), I nuked it with a little water, then added the tomatoes so they were soft and hot as well! The cottage cheese is a good, cold, fresh taste – and the orange for desert!

[dinner] turkey meatballs + roasted sweet potatoes + roasted radishes

A quick and easy dinner (thank you meal prep!). The little man has been a crank about eating lately and when he WANTED to eat my sweet potatoes, I just let him. He loved sweet potatoes as a baby and not so much lately…I’ll take what I can get these days!


[evening snack] lightly salted popcorn + Arctic Zero

The little man and I enjoyed a little popcorn while we relaxed. Once the little man was down for bed (which was it’s own battle tonight – thank you again daylight savings!), I relaxed with a little Vanilla Maple Arctic Zero 🙂


Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with JennArman, Meghan, and Laura – I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

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