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5 R’s for Running + GIVEAWAY | Friday Five

Running is what keeps me moving, most days. I have been running off and on for years, but didn’t really stay in my routine until last year. Last year I started running to lose weight and get back into a healthier attitude. Through all of the hard work, I have been able to set goals, accomplish said goals, and enjoy the journey along the way. There are many focuses that ebb and flow through my training schedule, but the keys are Route, RUN, Refuel, Recovery, and Refocus.



I am a sucker for knowing where I am going and how far it is going to be – especially for my long run mornings. But lately, I have just been running.

Running to run.

Most of these days are out-and-back routes so I know how far I need to go to get in half of my distance, and then head home! I use a couple different apps for mapping out my routes.

Generally, for our group runs on the weekend, I get an email with a link to MapMyRun for the route that week. I open the map on my computer and then figure out if I plan on running to the start, how many loops, and then the distance home. While I am not usually running with the pack, I know where they are headed and where I am breaking away (I also let them know where I plan on leaving if I do any partial loops). The convenience of this is that I use my computer.

When I am running in a new area or just want to run a set distance, I will use my Footpath App. I can use this app from anywhere and I do not need to be on my computer. This app is very similar to any route logging app, but I like it because it is simple. I have the free version so I am not saving my routes, but I can get an idea of where I need to go to get my run in.


While this is a no-brainer, it is worth mentioning! Sometimes, running can be just another event in the busy schedule of life! I really need to get the motivation in the morning to get up and GO!


Running to run!


Food = Fuel

I am only human, but I try to feed my body well! I try to eat something within the first hour after a workout – generally this is oatmeal with fruit, egg sandwich, a protein smoothie with fruit/vegetables, or whatever I can grab on my way out the door.

Recovery – Rest – Relax 

Recovery is one of the BIG R’s of running (other than the task of RUNNING) and we can help facilitate recovery by resting and relaxing – a triple R whammy! I use compression gear while on the run and post-run to help my muscles recover from my workouts. I have used several different kinds of compression gear in the past – socks, foot sleeves, calf sleeves, tops, and bottoms. From my understanding, compression gear helps with muscle recovery and fatigue by improving circulation – SOLD! I am not a scientist but from my personal experience, wearing compression gear has helped me with recovery and is great investment for anyone with an active lifestyle – especially runners.

I recently had the opportunity to try and review SKINS DNAmic Compression Long Tights. After reading a little about the company, I jumped at the chance to try a new piece of compression gear!

Designed for the everyday workout enthusiast, the new SKINS DNAmic gear is great for going to the gym or heading out for a run. My favorite features of SKINS DNAmic Compression are :

  • Focused muscle support and stability during activity – The focused compression is great for my legs! Less giggle when I am running means less damage to my muscles = less recovery time!
  • Moisture management wicking – I hardly ever buy materials that are not moisture-wicking these days – I can use all the moisture wicking I can get!
  • Proven 50+ UV protection in all non-mesh areas – The UV protection is an additional bonus! One less are of my body that I need to worry about putting sunscreen on.
  • Flat lock stitching for durability – Flat-lock = no chaffing = WIN
  • Jacquard elastic waistband – While I would have preferred a wider waistband, the elastic waistband on these pants is not moving. To some, it might be a little snug, but as long as I am not worried about pulling my pants up throughout my workout, it is a win for me!
  • Stretch airflow mesh for breathability – I love the “style-lines” of these pants. The mesh on the back of the legs is a great visual aesthetic and great for the breathability of the pant. Some compression can just feel thick and hot, but these pants are light, thin, and airy!

Personally, I love the look and feel of these pants. When I first felt the SKINS DNAmic Compression pants, I wasn’t sure if the lightweight material would really give me the compression I needed. Boy was I wrong. These compression pants held everything together and my legs felt great!

While I am not going to be able to run outside in these ankle leggings for a while (high heat and humidity, darn summer heat!), I will be able to sport them at the gym and throughout the day for additional muscle recovery benefits! These leggings will be an asset while running and recovering!

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Refocus + Refresh

After every workout, I feel the need to refocus – especially after a difficult run. Refocusing your efforts and energy will help you keep your eyes on the prize and not get too hung up on the ease or difficulty of a workout. If I am feeling like a workout was particularly easy, I relish in that feeling and endorphin high! For the harder or more difficult workouts, I try to not pick apart the whys, but rather focus on the positives. “That last hill really killed me!..” turns into “…and I DID IT! BOOM!” Focus your thoughts on the positives of a workout and be ready to smash your next 🙂

+ extra R for good measure – REPEAT

Looking to try your own SKINS DNAmic Compression? If you’re feeling lucky, use the Rafflecopter below for a chance to WIN your own SKINS! If you would like to own SKINS DNAmic Compression gear, you can enter the code SWEATPINK-SKINS20 at checkout for 20% off your order (not available on already discounted items) – Good through 7/31/16!

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Disclosure: I was given a pair of SKINS DNAmic Compression tights to review on the blog through my affiliation with FitApproach and Sweat Pink. I was not further compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

Do you wear compression gear? Have you ever heard of SKINS? Check out their SKINS DNAmic Compression online! What item would you choose if you won?

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127 thoughts on “5 R’s for Running + GIVEAWAY | Friday Five

  1. I love compression socks but it’s hard to wear them when it’s so hot out! I would choose compression socks I think.
    mrsbrockavich48 (at)gmail(dot)com


  2. I use compression socks when running, but I have not tried Skins. I’d like to try the Women’s Dynamic Long Tights.


  3. I have never heard of this brand but I do use compression gear. I had a popliteal aneurysm last year that required aneurysm repair which then led to a major staph infection in my leg which required another surgery leaving tunnels in my leg that had to be unpacked and packed everyday for 1 1/2 months. (nevermind the femoral popliteal bypasses I had done years ago) but due to all this, I have to wear compression when walking in long increments or jogging. I would ove to try these out as a lot of them I have found are actually to hot to go far in.


  4. I have never worn an compression gear. I have been wanting to try it for long runs though! I have never heard of Skins. I would love to try the Starlight Women’s Long Tights


  5. I love compression gear! Right now I have a stress fracture in my foot and my Dr has put me in a boot – I wear a compression sock in my boot to help with blood flow. I usually wear socks and have not ventured into pants or tops yet! I love the pair you have on those colors!


  6. I usually wear calf sleeves but no other compression gear. I had not heard about Skins until now. I would choose the capri length tights. I like the pattern you have on.


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