High Five Friday

Friday Favorites #7

Well…somehow, someway, it is already FRIDAY! Time flies when you are having fun…or when you have an extended weekend and a shorter work week… Friday means that it is time for Friday Favorites!


Let’s go!

Tiux compression socks

I received a pair of Tiux Compression socks to test and review – and I am in love!

I really cannot get enough compression in my life and these socks are great! I love wearing compression gear for both running and for muscle recovery. At any given time, you will see me wearing compression socks to help with muscle recovery and muscle stabilization.

With the Tiux compression socks, I love the graduated compression, the softer base, the bright colors, and the affordability! With retail companies, there are several hands that the products pass through before getting to the customer, thus amping up the final cost. With Tiux, the socks are coming directly from Tiux; no upcharges for stores, no endorsements, and no retail markups. I plan to add another couple pair of Tiux Compression socks to my running gear in the near future because they are an amazing product for an amazing price! Get 10% off your order just for stopping by my blog today 🙂

summer rolls

I will never be pro at sushi making – but I am sure enjoying making summer rolls with fresh vegetables these days!

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Erin Condren planner

I am so excited that my new Erin Condren life planner came! Sometimes, you just need a pretty planner to want to make plans 🙂 You can totally use my referral address to get your own for $10 off your first order and I get a little kickback to start saving for some fun accessories!

mango season

I could totally eat mangoes all day, every day this time of the year! The major bonus is that they are starting to get huge! The past few I have eaten were as big as my hand!

pool time

These days, it never fails that when little man and I head out to water the garden, he ends up in the pool… Of course, Pai won’t let hit soak alone 🙂

Tweet: It’s Friday! Check out the Friday Favorites with @livinglovingrun and other great #linkups http://ctt.ec/MF12e+ #sweatpink

Well, that is all for this week!! I think I am going to like this Friday Favorites post! Check back in the following weeks to be sure I am not getting too busy to continue…

Happy Friday!!

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16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #7

  1. I have a love of compression everything as well and those socks are too cute! I also have the same planner cover (mine is a teacher planner though) and I love it! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Oh I love mangoes! I’m not sold on compression for everything yet- I do have calf sleeves that I wear post-long-run, but I’m not so sure about sock. Don’t they make you hot in the summer?


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