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summer session w6 & w7 | Weekly Workouts


Well…I have been a little absent this past week…sorry! I have been focusing on spending quality time with little man at home in the evenings, and that doesn’t lend well to blogging until he goes to bed…which is like 9pm these days! At that point, I am beat and am heading to bed as well… Oh well, the juggle that is life. Enjoy 2 weeks of workouts!! Can’t say I haven’t been keeping busy…


Weekly Workouts – w6

Monday- lunch workout – run to the gym, Power Lunch, run back to work  (12,846 steps)

Tuesday- no workout (8,854 steps)

Wednesday- lunch workout – run to the gym, Power Lunch, run back to work (9,026 steps)

Thursday- lunch treadmill interval run at the gym (17,470 steps)

Friday- morning yoga, afternoon treadmill run – not the desired workout, but I do what I can! (15,803 steps)

Saturday- brutal 6 mile run with the girls (3,842 steps logged after I forgot my Garmin on my 6 mile run – probably closer to 13K)

Sunday- no workout, mostly lazy day (3,942 steps)

Weekly Miles : 15.7 workout miles  (81K weekly steps)

972 / 2,016 miles in 2016


Weekly Workouts – w7

Monday- Power lunch at the gym 🙂 (13,800 steps)

Tuesday- morning run with Angie (1 mile warmup + 5 miles with Angie +1 mile back home) (21,741 steps)

Wednesday- morning run with Angie (1 mile warmup + 5 miles with Angie +1 mile back home) + Power Lunch at the gym (24,110 steps)

Thursday- lunch walk (3 miles) (14,405 steps)

Friday- EARLY morning steady run (7 miles) + morning yoga (19,050 steps)

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Saturday- long morning run to my parents house (6.25 miles) + then back to my in-laws house (6.3 miles) 🙂 (28,924 steps)

Sunday- A nice 6.5 mile run…longer than I expected…since I planned for 4-4.5 miles! (15,650 steps)

Weekly Miles : 45.5 workout miles  (137,680 weekly steps)

1020 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Next Week’s Projected Workouts



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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

6 thoughts on “summer session w6 & w7 | Weekly Workouts

  1. Blogging is hard with kids around! I usually do mine in the mornings before the kids get up. of course that is also my yoga time so sometimes I have to do one or the other. Great week of workouts!


  2. Great job on your workouts and your steps! I have really slacked off without my fitbit. I think it was much easier reaching 10,000 with my Fitbit vs the Garmin.
    I’ve also found myself struggling more with finding time to blog. I hope the fall presents a better routine for this!


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