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summer session w8 | Weekly Workouts


Another week in the books! We had some interesting weather that added to the variety of workouts throughout the week…but a little rain and wet didn’t hurt anyone! I stayed in and safe when there was lightening…which there was some several days last week!


Weekly Workouts

Monday- Ever get in one of those moods where you just don’t want to workout? I was in that mood, but went to the gym anyway…well, my Power Lunch was cancelled. Rather than shake it off and jump on the treadmill, I let my down-ness get the best of me…and I went back to work – 1 mile walk (8,443 steps)

Tuesday- I started my day with a brief brush with danger…and decided that the hubs could pick up little man at the end of the day so I could make up a couple miles at the gym after work – 4.2 total miles (13,356 steps)

Wednesday- Up before the break of dawn to get a warm up, 5 mile run with Angie, and 2 miles back home – a great way to start the day! Then, Power Lunch was not cancelled today and it kicked my bum…and abs, hard!! – 10 total miles (27,995 steps)

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Thursday- While “rest days” are a necessary evil, Angie and I decided to go for a morning ride – different muscle groups used at least! – 15 miles (6,249 steps – no biking “steps” counted…clearly)

Friday- A rainy morning sent me to my Friday morning yoga session without a pre-run…oh well. Also, the gym had a “TGIF” type of morning and had bagels and juice out for the members…I am all about some free food…but bagels are not on my radar. I wish they would have had some fresh fruit…that would have been awesome! (6,833 steps)

Saturday- I am not always good about getting up and around on time…and it always happens when I want to get an extra mile or two before my group runs! I left a little later than I liked, so I cut a mile short…then the hubs wanted to go into work early, so I opted to get a ride home from the run. At least I got 9 miles in! Thanks for coming out to the run Angie! Happy Birthday! (22,851 steps)

Sunday- I set no alarms and didn’t care when I was going to run today…and I was fine wtih that! The storms cycling in and out of the area all night and day kept me inside until little man’s nap…then I headed out! I didn’t have a set amount of miles that I wanted to get…but my route evolved into the reverse route of the Saturday morning run…10 more miles to check off! (22,466 steps)

Weekly Miles : 34.7 workout miles  (108,193 weekly steps)

1052 / 2,016 miles in 2016

Next Week’s Projected Workouts


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How did your training week go? What are you training for?

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and start a conversation!

12 thoughts on “summer session w8 | Weekly Workouts

  1. We too have had our share of pop up thunderstorms. I don’t mind the rain but the lightning is a different story! I’ve been caught out in it before and it is no fun! Ha I see you rolled down your socks too. I had to send mind back because the smalls doubled over in the foot part! I hate that! I’ve heard they are very tall!


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