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My early morning wake up text was not what I expected… Little man had one of his night terrors around 3am and I happened to glance at my phone for the time (since the trusty Garmin was also on he charger). I read “will not be running…walking kids to first day of school” from my running buddy. Rather, it said “not running as far because we are going to be all the kids to school”… Whoops! Obvi, I shouldn’t be reading anything at 3am!

[morning run] 3 easy, recovery miles

The 5:35am text read, “are you coming?” and I have never gotten up and out the door SO FAST in my life… Rather than meeting 1/2 way between our houses, I asked her to run by my house and we would go a different route than the usual. It all worked out!

[breakfast] cold brew coffee vanilla smoothie 

After the run, I stepped outside and checked out the garden. There was one zucchini that should have been picked several days ago…and will probably be made into bread or something…HUGE!!

I quickly got ready for work and waited a bit longer to see if little man would get up on his own or if I would have to wake him… Once I get was in his room and reaching for his lamp, he popped up, “momma!” Well, good morning to you too! “Stay home. No Jana’s.” was the first thing out of his mouth – basically, days that I get him up are generally the weekend or if he is staying home due to illness (most of last week). The hubs going into work early today threw off little man’s routine and he thought is was getting to stay home again… Nope!

[late morning snack] romaine + turkey + “guacamole” wraps

Once we all were ready, I took little man to daycare and I was off to work.

Due to being out 4/5 days last week, I have had a lot of catching up to do…which makes for a busy day!

[boredom snack] dried fruit + coconut

As the day went of, I kept busy and ol y took mini breaks to snack and eat lunch… The busy days help the week go by faster, so I am okay with not getting to get away to the gym over my lunch hour…

[lunch] zucchini + diced tomatoes + red pepper flakes

As the day came around to 5pm, I was able to get off work almost on time and headed out to pick up little man. He is always so much scored to see me in the afternoon and it warms my heart ❤️ “Mommy! Mommy! That’s my mommy.”

His new thing in the car is “go this way” and points the direction he would like me to drive. Most of the time, he points to the left, which is not the direction to go home, but to go to the store… Most of the time, I just say, “we are going home, and home is this way.” He doesn’t put up a fight…and then tells me about things outside.

[afternoon snack] Big Slice Apples (apple + mango + hemp hearts) + banana

Once we got home, the hubs was ready to head to the store for whatever he wanted to make for dinner – quesidillas. Well, that isn’t something I can eat at this time, but I used the same meat to make a large salad.

[dinner] romaine + chicken + cucumber + carrot + “guacamole” salad

After dinner, little man started getting tired and stopped listening to us…so we said our “goodnights” and headed upstairs. A couple of books later and the house was quiet again 🙂

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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