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While this is another What I Ate post, it is more a “Day In The Life” post 🙂

Like most days, I started out with a battle with my alarm clock… Some days, it is not much of a struggle, but today was not a good one…I used the snooze, a couple times, and then was a little late to my meeting point with Angie.

[morning run] easy 5 miles with Angie 🙂

Angie and I have gone through phases of running together – mostly training for a particular distance or race. This year, she wanted to run the local Brew to Shoe 10K road race, but other things took priority and the weekend came and went. Now, we are just running to complete her training cycle and find anther local or local-ish 10K for her to sink her teeth into 🙂 I love that I have a few different sets of running friends to gain and give support to!

[breakfast] breakfast smoothie

Once we got back from the run, I got ready for work. This was ONE of those days that little man didn’t wake up calling for “momma” while I got ready – so I was sure to wake the hubs before I left to be sure he knew that little man was his responsibility – I have been taking care of little man on the mornings that he gets up earlier than I need to leave for work, because who WANTS to leave a crying toddler…

[morning snack] paleo banana egg muffins (prepped without a formal recipe because I had a lot of bananas to use! Maybe an upcoming recipe post…) + apple + almond butter

Once at work, it is all business as usual. A lot of moving and shaking going on as we get into the busy season and prepare for our new 2017 lineups.

[pre-lunch workout] sweet potato + coffee

On Mondays and Wednesdays, my lunch hour is spent at the gym for a 30 minute Power Lunch. I LOVE LOVE that my gym has two locations in town and that one is LITERALLY a 5 minute walk from work.

Most days, I try to get away from my desk with enough time to get in a 0.5 mile run to the gym by taking the main roads and not walking through other business lots… Then I take a similar route back to work so I can log a full mile on my 2,016 miles in 2016 (solo) and Amerithon Challenge (Team : 7chicksandadude) platforms. 🙂

[lunch workout] 0.5 mi run to the gym + 30 minute Power Lunch @the gym + 0.5 mi run back to work

Once back at work, I usually catch up on missed calls and e-mails – and then find food in my lunch bag to snack on. Today, I brought a little more than usual. I put several chicken leg quarters in the crockpot the other night and they aren’t going to eat themselves!! A hearty meal/snack after a tough workout!

[lunch] chicken leg quarter + roasted onion + roasted sweet potatoes

After a long day at work, I head out to pick up little man from daycare. I really need to record his excitement of seeing me when I pick him up sometime…it makes me happy to see it! We generally head home, get the kitchen cleaned up, start some laundry (yes, we are 98% potty trained in the daytime, but there are sometimes accidents), and get dinner ready… “What to eat” is what usually prompts me that dinner time is now…Mommy and little man usually eat a little differently, but he always likes sweet potatoes!

[dinner] cabbage broccoli stir fry + roasted sweet potato + grilled chicken

Today, little man decided not to take a nap during nap time,…so we took a bath and headed to bed a little earlier than usual. And since daddy was working late, that means that this tired momma went to bed early as well…

Just another day in the life! Check out the other WIAW posts with Jenn and her gang of foodies – Arman and Laura. I enjoy checking out the other link ups for meal inspiration!


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