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coffee + garden + fall | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Wow,… Thursday…we meet again!…There is a little to talk about with Amanda and her Thinking Out Loud Thursday’s 🙂


but first…

…coffee. The bulletproof kind today. I haven’t made bulletproof coffee in a little while…maybe a week or two…so I am due 🙂

clean house

Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?! I mean, really… Having a mini tornado make keeping a house clean a daily hourly every minute sort of task… Between working in the kitchen, doing seeming endless loads of laundry, cleaning up after the kid and animals, I hardly get a chance to sit down. But when I do, it is usually the 5-10 minutes before the hubs gets home…so it looks like I have done a whole lot of nothing… Oh well, clean houses are for the single ones without kids.

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running…in the rain

I am all about running…and running in the rain is just par for the course. But the fact that we are going to have thunderstorms for the next 3 days is just a sick joke!! If it were just rain, I would just as well ‘glide up my thighs and arms and head out for some wet miles…but thunder and lightening, no thanks! Did you know that you can get struck by lightening 25+ mile from the ACTUAL thunderstorm?! Crazy! Don’t mess with Mother Nature…

Snapshot taken from


Our little garden has fared well this year!


We lost most of our cucumbers the past couple weeks, our jalapenos didn’t want to grow fruit this season (one lonely jalepeno is on one of the four plants…whoops!), the habaneros are growing like gangbusters, and the tomatoes are starting to produce fruit!

Lately, our tomato plants have are starting to produce quality fruit! We have had issues with “blossom rot” for the past couple years and the first round of tomatoes had it again this year…so I wasn’t anticipating a good outcome. Also, the bugs have been getting to the fruit before they are ready to be picked – So I have started picking early and letting them ripen on the counter 🙂

There is nothing I love more than fresh summer vegetable meals!!

On a less exciting note, we have avoided squash bugs all season (probably due to my LATE planting of our garden).., until now 😦 Do you have any “natural” squash bug remedies?? I hope there are still a few good zucchini I came take from the garden this summer…love’em!!

happy mail days!!

I sure do love when I get mail or packages that are NOT  bills… After I won a “3-month supply of Body Glide” on instagram, I was anticipating what would arrive and when. Well, I got my answer!

While I am not confident that it will last 3 months, I am sure glad to be able to try new Body Glide products!!

fall is coming!

…and hopefully soon,…but not TOO soon! I could totally go for some cooler, less humid runs about now! This past week or so has been great!! We had one day, Tuesday, that was a humid mess…but for the most part, it has been great weather for running (minus the rain…).

With fall comes so many great (and not so great) things!

Great : pumpkins, falling leaves, pumpkin seeds, fall pacing opportunities, changing colors, pumpkin spice lattes, less humidity, cooler temps, fall races, football games (Go Cats!!)… What can you add to the GREATS list??

Image result for fall weather meme

Not so greats : allergies out the wazzoo, cleaning said fallen leaves, cleaning out the garden, always changing weather conditions (Hello Kansas weather,…at it’s best!!), traveling for said pacing and racing… What can you add to the NOT SO GREAT list??

Image result for kansas weather funny

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4 thoughts on “coffee + garden + fall | Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. Are you from Manhattan?! I’m from Lawrence! I thought Kansas weather was wild and wacky until I moved to Colorado a year ago. I’m getting increasingly used to the raining and sunny phenomenon.
    The only natural remedy I’ve heard for squash bugs is to start one squash plant earlier than all the others, move all the bugs to that one plant, and then burn it. A little extreme, yes. Those things are evil incarnate. I’m glad you were still able to get some squash out of your garden before they hit.


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