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Post Run Rewards/Rituals | Tuesday’s On The Run

This week, ErikaMarcia, and Patty discuss their post run rewards and/or rituals! These days, there are a few variables that influence my post run rewards and rituals…so let’s dive in!

Tuesdays (1)

For most week days, I go for a frisbee toss with the pup while I stretch and “document” my run, a quick shower, protein smoothie, and out the door for work. Nothing special here…

For my longer weekend runs, I opt for some post run stretching and foam rolling, a more substantial coffee of choice (usually bulletproof coffee…yum!! DEF a reward!!) to keep me going, and some major refuelling throughout the day.

Different than “at-home” runs, at races, I really enjoy the excitement of the day!

I hang around the finishers area for a little while, eat bananas, drink ice cold water, chat with runners that I started and/or finished with, and root on the rest of the finishers. I mostly enjoy getting to snack on a great spread 🙂 Bananas are my favorite!

Most of these races, I am pacing as well. So I get to know my runners before the race and I enjoy seeing them through to the finish!

After long runs, my main focuses are :

  • rehydrate
  • refuel
  • stretch/roll
  • rehydrate
  • refuel
  • relax

What is your long run reward or ritual?

Check out the link-up with ErikaMarcia, and Patty and see what everyone is talking about this week!

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